Children's Ministry

Tab Kids - Sunday Morning K-5 program

We believe the Bible should never be boring! Our worship is fun and real. Our lessons are creative and relevant. We want kids to not just have fun but to really get what it means to follow Jesus.

KIDS CHURCH (9am & 10:45am)

*Please check in completely leaving all info.
*Make sure your child is wearing a nametag.
*Take homes available at check-in desks & online.
*Need help? Our volunteers wear Blue T-Shirts.


Babies – Room 142
Toddler/2’s – Room 143


3’s and 4’s - Room 151

Large group music & story & small group activities


Kindergarten - 5th Grades - Gym

Large worship & story & small group activities

Pick up:
Kindergarten – Room 105
1st Grade – Room 103
2nd Grade – Room 102
3rd Grade – Room 204
4th/5th Grades – Room 201

When you’re ready to make TAB your church fill out this Enrollment Form You can hand it into any welcome center on Sundays. We will then add your child to our rolls and include your family in all our communication.