Children's Ministry

TabKids - Sunday Morning Ministry

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We believe the Bible should never be boring! Our worship is fun and real. Our lessons are creative and relevant. We want kids not just to have fun, but to get what it means to follow Jesus fully. When you’re ready to make Tab your church fill out this TabKids registration form You can hand it to the greeter at the Kid’s Check-In desk on Sunday. We will then add your child to our roster, make them a name tag and include your family in all our communication.


*Please check in completely leaving all info.
*Make sure your child is wearing a nametag.
*Take homes available at check-in desks & online.
*Need help? All our trained volunteers wear tabKids nametags so it’s easy for you to know who is supposed to be working with your kids!

NURSERY AND PRE-K @ 9:00 a.m.

Drop off/pick up:
Pre-k rooms on first floor of tabKids Area


Drop off/pick up:
tabKid’s Large Group Room

What We Do:
Bible Study video & activities in a combined Kindergarten - 5th grade group.

NURSERY AND PRE-K @ 10:45 a.m.

Drop off/pick up:
Babies in nursery room on first floor of tabKids Area Preschoolers in Pre-K room on first floor of tabKids Area.

What We Do:
Large group worship and teaching time geared for preschoolers!


Drop off:
Kid’s Large Group Room

Pick up:
Kindergarten - 1st Grade – Blue Room
2nd Grade - 3rd Grade – Green Room
4th Grade – Red Room
5th Grade – Orange Room

What We Do:
Kindergarten - 5th Grade Worship & Video Lesson, followed by Small Groups (broken down by grade).