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Why Signs are Important

I just got out of a meeting, and we were discussing church signage. Signs in a building are vital, especially to those who are relatively new. Not only do signs provide necessary information, the h [...]

Your Arm is Too Short to Box with God

Your arm is too short to box with God. When a boxer’s stats are listed, one of the most important stats is his reach. The longer his reach, the better. The shorter his reach, the harder it [...]

What Does It Mean to Take Up God’s Vision

This week, I heard a pastor challenge his people to follow their dreams. It was a stirring sermon, well articulated, and motivational. The points were clear, and the supporting stories he used to i [...]

Saying No to God

Why would anyone say no to God? God invites Moses to be one of the greatest leaders of all time, and Moses declines the invitation. He says no to God, not once, not twice, but on several occasions. [...]

The Most Amazing Event in History

Moses was an amazing man who experienced some unusual events. Probably the most amazing event he experienced was when he met God face to face on Mt. Sinai.

In this message, we will survey [...]

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