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The Problem with Cruising

When I was a boy, my father used to take my mother and me on drives. We’d just get in the car and cruise with no particular destination in mind. We didn’t even take a map. We’d just drive.


How to be Happy

As I read through Scripture, I find God to be incredibly concerned about our happiness.

In this message we are going to look at Psalm 1 where God gives us the secret of happiness. So, make [...]

Knowing God from the Psalms

In this message, Dr. Hap Struthers kicks off our series Summer Psalms.

Perhaps like no other book in the Bible, the Psalms open our eyes and hearts and enable us to see God is a way that we [...]


What is our role in evangelism? Simple, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

In this message, Bob Boyd encourages us both as individual Christians and as a congregations to never lose our h [...]

Renew Your Attitude

When I was in high school, I use to have a teacher who would regularly say to his students, “You need an attitude check.” But it’s not only teenagers who can have bad attitudes. Ev [...]

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