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The Most Amazing Event in History

Moses was an amazing man who experienced some unusual events. Probably the most amazing event he experienced was when he met God face to face on Mt. Sinai.

In this message, we will survey [...]

Learning to Trust the Process

When a team has a lackluster season, fans can become discouraged. Often coaches encourage the fans to “trust the process.” When the team turns defeat into success fans are elated, and even more [...]

The Relationship Between Sin and Suffering

What are Christians to make of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey? Sometimes we think that when bad things happen, it must be because we deserve it. It is easy to assume a one-to-one relations [...]

This is what gives me hope, how about you?

Every Story in the Bible is about God. From Genesis to Revelation, God keeps showing up revealing himself and His redemptive work. This week, we will look at the story of Abraham and see how God us [...]

Redemption From Hate and Abuse

Sin is not just a religious concept or theory. It is something that we all have to deal with on a continual basis. Hate and abuse seem to be on the rise. And the consequences of this sin are often [...]

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