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God With Us - In the Desert

A desert is a dry place. Sometimes when we talk about being in the desert; we mean that we are in a place of spiritual dryness. However, when we examine the scriptures, we see the desert is also th [...]

God with Us - In the Valley

One of my favorite Christmas Carols, is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” The good news for you and me is that he did come and because of that, he is now with us. He is with us in the valley, he is [...]

The Most Misunderstood Teaching of the Reformation

Of the major doctrines of the Reformation, Soli Deo Gloria, or the glory of God alone, is probably the least discussed and the most misunderstood.

The Westminster Shorter Catechism begins w [...]

How Do You Get More Faith?

We’ve been talking about the five battle cries of the reformation. So far, we’ve talked about Scripture alone, Christ alone, and Grace alone. This week we’re going to talk about Faith alone.< [...]

Sola Fide - Grace Alone

You don’t have to be a church goer to be familiar with the ancient Christian song, “Amazing Grace.” We’re in the middle of a series on the Reformation, and one of the hallma [...]

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