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Types of People Who Aren’t Marriage Material

We are beginning a new teaching series entitled “Questions of Romance.” Each Sunday, we will ask a question related to dating and marriage and then seek to answer that question with God’s tr [...]

Goals: Serve

As you consider your game plan for the year and your life, consider Jesus’ final goal for His twelve disciples.

Jesus consistently taught that His followers would serve others. Jesus [...]

Goals - Spiritual Fitness

Church attendance, by itself, is no guarantee of spiritual fitness. In fact, claiming Christ as your savior doesn’t ensure that we will be healthy spiritually. What then will help us deepen o [...]

Goals - Active Fellowship

We’ve never been so connected and yet have felt so alone.

With all the technological ways to interact and communicate with one another, one would think that loneliness is a thing of t [...]

Goals - Outreach

Have you ever wondered why you are here? I don’t mean why you exist, but why you are here.

  • Why are you in your present physical location?
  • Why are you on planet earth? ...]

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