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Renew Your Attitude

When I was in high school, I use to have a teacher who would regularly say to his students, “You need an attitude check.” But it’s not only teenagers who can have bad attitudes. Ev [...]

Renew Our Minds

35,000. According to one phycological study, that’s how many decisions a human makes every day. That’s almost 1,500 decisions every hour, 25 decisions every minute, which averages out to a havi [...]

Renew Our Passion for Sharing the Good News

Passions are fickle in their nature. Passions can wane. They can smolder. They can burn out altogether. Or they can be reNEWED.

Sharing the Gospel with others has long been a passion of Tab [...]

Renew Our Hearts for the Next Generation

We’ve started a major new series at Tab where we are looking at how to rediscover our passion and power to reach the next generation.

Interestingly, the opening of Luke’s Gospel ech [...]

reNEW Our Hearts

Over time, things fall apart. Cars need repairing, kitchens need remodeling, and streets need repaving. And what is true in the physical world, is true with the things unseen.

If we don [...]

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