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Keeping Short Accounts With God

In this message we continue our Summer Psalms series. The message for this week is, “Forgive Us Our Sins: Keeping Short Accounts With God.”

We cannot maintain spiritual, emotional, ment [...]

Honoring God Daily

How do you respond when you encounter the mighty work of God or consider the splendor of His creation? What about when you experience His mercy and compassion?

Do these things move our emot [...]

Renew Our Passion for Sharing the Good News

Passions are fickle in their nature. Passions can wane. They can smolder. They can burn out altogether. Or they can be reNEWED.

Sharing the Gospel with others has long been a passion of Tab [...]

Prayer Changes Life for the Better

When the chaos of daily life becomes overwhelming, where do you turn? Through prayer, you can know God better. Through prayer, you can access God’s wisdom. Through prayer, you can experience His [...]

Goals: Serve

As you consider your game plan for the year and your life, consider Jesus’ final goal for His twelve disciples.

Jesus consistently taught that His followers would serve others. Jesus [...]

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