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Honor Your Mother and Father

The Ten Commandments tell us to “honor your mother and father.” But what does this mean for different ages and stages of our life?And what about aging parents whose health begins to fai [...]

God With Us - In the Desert

A desert is a dry place. Sometimes when we talk about being in the desert; we mean that we are in a place of spiritual dryness. However, when we examine the scriptures, we see the desert is also th [...]

Sola Scriptura

This week we start a new series, “Sola,” that explores the five foundational truths of the Protestant Reformation. 500 years ago, a man named Martin Luther posted some thoughts on a Un [...]

Learning to Trust the Process

When a team has a lackluster season, fans can become discouraged. Often coaches encourage the fans to “trust the process.” When the team turns defeat into success fans are elated, and even more [...]

Renew Our Hearts for the Next Generation

We’ve started a major new series at Tab where we are looking at how to rediscover our passion and power to reach the next generation.

Interestingly, the opening of Luke’s Gospel ech [...]

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