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Is It Foolish to Think I Can Really Change?

We want change. We need change. We know change is necessary, but we fight it. Why? Why is change so hard?

God has a lot to say about change. How change can occur in your life as an individu [...]

Is It Foolish to Forgive?

From a human perspective, God has called us to believe and do some foolish things.

This week, we’re going to talk about forgiveness. On the surface that might not seem like a very foo [...]

Is Believing in the Resurrection Foolish?

It’s April Fool’s day, and we are beginning a new series called, “Foolish?” Christ has asked his followers to believe in, from the World’s standpoint, some seemingly f [...]

When We Pray, Things Happen

We’ve been in a sermon series called images. In particular, we’ve been looking at the pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle because every single piece of furniture represents a characte [...]

The Laver

In this series, we are taking a tour of God’s Old Testament house, the Tabernacle. The pieces of furniture in this house are but images that represent some greater spiritual truth.

Th [...]

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