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The Laver

In this series, we are taking a tour of God’s Old Testament house, the Tabernacle. The pieces of furniture in this house are but images that represent some greater spiritual truth.

Th [...]

The Bronze Altar

When a people entered the tabernacle, the first thing they would see was the bronze altar. It reminded them of the justice of God. To approach holy God there first had to be a sacrifice for their [...]

You Shall Not Give False Testimony

In this message, we conclude our series, “The God Code - In Pursuit of the 10 Commandments” as we consider what it means top bear false witness.


You Shall Not Commit Adultery

What would be the most difficult commandment to teach on the Sunday before Valentines Day? You got it, “Thou shalt not commit adultery!”

Join us this as we consider all that thi [...]

Misuse God’s Name?

This week is the second installment in our new series, “The God Code - In Pursuit of the Ten Commandments.” Many people think the third commandment has to do with cussing, but it is muc [...]

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