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God with Us

He’s with you through the pain. He comforts you in the waiting. When you’re anxious about your future, He gives you courage. As you climb the mountain, He keeps you safe in His arms. In every moment, we have God With Us.

God with Us - In the Valley

One of my favorite Christmas Carols, is “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” The good news for you and me is that he did come and because of that, he is now with us. He is with us in the valley, he is with us in the desert, and he is with us on the mountain. You can never go where God is not with you.

But sometimes it doesn’t feel like he is. In the message, we will begin our advent season considering what it means to have God with us in the valley. So if you’re in a spiritual or emotional valley, or ever think you might be in one, you’ll want to hear what God has to say about the low days of your life.

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God With Us - In the Desert

A desert is a dry place. Sometimes when we talk about being in the desert; we mean that we are in a place of spiritual dryness. However, when we examine the scriptures, we see the desert is also the place where God can bring clarity to our lives. And, as we learn to understand who God is, we learn to know ourselves better.

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