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To explore means to traverse for the purpose of discovery or to look into carefully; to investigate; to examine. As disciples of Jesus Christ we desire to be explorers; men and women who continue to seek truth and to ever increasingly be formed into the image of Jesus Christ so that Christ is glorified and His kingdom spreads.


These classes are designed to equip adults with knowledge, skills, disciplines and training that will empower them to pursue formation into the image of Jesus Christ as they seek to impact the world for Christ.

Current Classes

Class/Topic Room Teacher
Eternal Life, Here and Now! Rm 210 Lou Page
Women’s Class - Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference? Rm 211 Andrea Booden
Men’s Class Rm 141 Rick Pauley
The Gathering - Seniors (8:45a) Rm 111 Hap Struthers
Internationals Rm 104 Steve Doyle