Children's Ministry

Baptism / Dedication

We often get questions about dedicating and baptizing children. Here’s what you need to know.


If your child has shown and interest in getting baptized please pick up a Baptism booklet from the Elementary Welcome Center and contact Kitty Greentree at to set up a baptism interview. We generally like to do baptisms during our 5th Sunday Services, but we are always willing to try and make other dates work if needed.

Child Dedication

Child dedication at Tab:

What does it mean to dedicate your child at a church? Every church has different traditions and significance they attach to the event. For us at Tab, it’s primarily about a parent or parents committing to raise their child in a way where the development of the child’s faith in Jesus is a primary part of the rhythm of your family life. This includes making a decision to be actively involved in pursuing community with others at church, and having your child be a regular part of their age specific programming at Tab.

Also, it’s a commitment of the church family at Tab to serve your family well with resources to help you build that faith in your child’s life. These are both physical resources such as parent take homes and devotionals, but more importantly the resource of community and support. Parenting is a long and tough journey – but also one of the most joyful and important tasks we will ever undertake! In order to do that well, we need to have the support and influence of others in our lives at church. When church and home partner together, we have the best chance to raise our kids in a way that honors God and creates the best environment for faith to take root in their hearts and lives.

If you are interested in dedicating your child at Tab contact Emily Patton at to set up an interview. We generally like to do dedications during our 5th Sunday Services, but we are always willing to try and make other dates work if needed.

We are excited to partner with your family to help build a lifelong faith in the heart of your child. We hope to have the chance to walk with you through every phase of life together with your family. Looking forward to taking this first step with you!