Children's Ministry

Parent and Child Take Homes

We encourage you to continue Sunday’s learning at home. You have the biggest impact on your children spiritually. Below you will find activities that you can do together to strengthen that faith.


In honor of fathers everywhere we are going to focus on our Heavenly Father during the month of June. Who is God, how did He make me special, how much does He love me, and what does He do for me.


-June 2nd

-June 9th

-June 16th

-June 23rd

-June 30th


Battle Squids

In June, TabKids will embark on a brand new unit. Deep beneath the water’s surface, in the darkest depths of the sea, are the “Squidudes” and the “Squidettes”—two squads of squids battling to get their tentacles on the last few fish in the ocean. In order to win the “Feast of Fish”, the two squads will have a fishy face-off filled with wisdom from the Book of Proverbs. Be sure to get your sea legs under you—this will be a battle of Biblical proportions! #TabKids #BattleSquids