Children's Ministry

Parent and Child Take Homes

We encourage you to continue Sunday’s learning at home. You have the biggest impact on your children spiritually. Below you will find activities that you can do together to strengthen that faith.


Playtime is “yay” time for preschoolers! Every little kid loves to play and now they get to do it during the storytelling time. During “Playtime Theater,” each preschooler will have their own cutout characters from the Bible story. As the story is told, they’ll get to move their characters as if they were action figures in an unfolding adventure through the life of Jesus

Weekly Take-Homes will be given out during pickup. If you missed a week, extra copies are located in the downstairs children’s wing, by Emily Patton’s office in colored folders on the wall.


The world has long enjoyed a good mystery! Who built Stonehenge? Is Big Foot real? Why can I never find my car keys? During the “Shake It Up” series, kids will be introduced to an all-new mystery—what’s in the box? After shaking the mystery box and listening to the contents rattle, thump, or jingle around, kids will be asked to guess what’s inside. When the contents are brought to light, they’ll help us discover more about the greatest light to ever shine—the Light of the World.

Weekly Take-Homes will be given out during pickup. If you missed a week, you can download and print extra copies from the files below.


-March 1

-March 8

-March 15

-March 22

Please note Sunday, March 29 is a 5th Sunday. Elementary students will remain in the service with their parents this week.