Advance Notice

We’ve all felt the anticipation that comes from waiting on a big gift! Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift imaginable, God’s only Son. A gift that great required advance notice! Join us for a 4 part series as we look at God’s advance notice in anticipation of the gift of His Son.

Sight Unseen

We've all experienced those seasons when God seems to go off the grid! We're dialing up prayers but the line seems to be disconnected… The Book of Esther is a surprising book mostly for what it doesn't contain. Not even once is God mentioned! It might seem like God is nowhere to be seen but every step of the way he's working through regular people to bring about an extraordinary plan! Join us for this 6 week series as we look at the powerful story of Esther.

Baggage Claim

Most everyone has a scar or two that tells a story. Poor childhood decisions or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other scars aren't noticeable, but there's still a story. These scars are like baggage that we'd rather not claim. But what if our baggage could be claimed and reframed by God? Join us for a new series as we consider God's story through our scars!