At Tab Church we believe God is doing a distinct work in our midst! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be looking at some of our Core Values that help define this distinct work and who we aspire to be as a people. Join in as we consider the guiding principles that support our mission to share God’s story from Norfolk to the nations!

Real I.D.

Humanity has always wrestled with the source of our identity. Take a quick look online or listen to conversations in the classroom or workplace, and we can hear that a lot of confusion exists today regarding humanities real I.D. Over the next several weeks we’ll humbly engage the conversation while reflecting on what it means to be made in the image of God.

The Blueprint

There are numerous approaches one could take in laying a foundation and framework for our lives. What does it really look like to have a foundation and framework built on the gospel? A sure foundation and framework that’s stands up to the uncertainties of this world! Join us for The Blueprint as we discover this answer through the heart of Romans.