Baggage Claim

Most everyone has a scar or two that tells a story. Poor childhood decisions or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other scars aren't noticeable, but there's still a story. These scars are like baggage that we'd rather not claim. But what if our baggage could be claimed and reframed by God? Join us for a new series as we consider God's story through our scars!

Going All Out

We aspire to be a people that leave a radical mark on this world for the glory and honor of our great God! As a church family, we desire to challenge one another to Go All Out for God in 4 key disciplines: Worship, Community, Serving, and Generosity. This isn’t an exhaustive list of Christian disciplines, but 4 key disciplines that will put us on a pathway to engaging God’s mission and impacting the world for Christ!


At Tab Church we believe God is doing a distinct work in our midst! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be looking at some of our Core Values that help define this distinct work and who we aspire to be as a people. Join in as we consider the guiding principles that support our mission to share God’s story from Norfolk to the nations!