The Blueprint

There are numerous approaches one could take in laying a foundation and framework for our lives. What does it really look like to have a foundation and framework built on the gospel? A sure foundation and framework that’s stands up to the uncertainties of this world! Join us for The Blueprint as we discover this answer through the heart of Romans.

You’re Invited!

Have you ever been invited to something that almost seemed too good to be true? At the center of the Easter story are 3 invitations so good they literally changed the world and they can change your world too! Join us for this three-part series on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter!


The pursuit of truth seems to be an increasingly complex task in a world of mixed messages and polarizing opinions. Jesus declared that ultimate truth wasn’t a concept but a person. Truth was personified in Jesus, his salvific work, and his command that those who would pursue truth, pursue him. Join us for this pivotal series through the letter of 1 John as we recalibrate to the truth and the impact it makes for our cultural moment.