Glory Awaits

Jesus is alive and the reality of the resurrection changes everything! We celebrate the risen Lord but it's not only that Jesus is risen, He reigns! The resurrection was a doorway to God revealing His glory through Jesus. What does it mean that Jesus has stepped into His glory? We'll unpack that in the series “Glory Awaits”. See for yourself, it's better than great!

Questioning the Cross

Questioning the cross? Can we even do that? Whether we come to the cross skeptically or as one going all out in the faith, join us as we consider crucial questions to strengthen our faith. Is the cross historical? What actually happened? Did Jesus really die? These are a few of the questions we'll consider over the next 5 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. 

On the Line

Those who name Christ today do so in acknowledgment of the faith. We often talk about faith as a verb, but Scripture also talks about the faith that was delivered to the saints once and for all. Jesus Christ proclaimed who He was and what He came to accomplish. What does it look like to contend for the purity of the faith? Who's responsibility would that be anyway? We’ll seek answers to these very questions in this series as we look at the powerful truth in the tiny book of Jude!