Going There!

Most sayings of Jesus are easy to agree with. They could even make really great bumper stickers. “Love your neighbor”, “You are the salt and light of the world”, but occasionally, like a speed bump out of nowhere, Jesus says something that leaves us saying, “Jesus say what?!” Join us for a 5 week series where we explore some of the more unusual sayings of Jesus.

What If? Why Not?

The start of a new year is a great time to dream big! “What if” questions are a great place to begin. “What if” God did something extraordinary in 2022? What if we took it a step further and said “why not!” Now that is a posture of faith that expects a work of God. Join in for this two part miniseries as we dream big moving into the new year!

Advance Notice

We’ve all felt the anticipation that comes from waiting on a big gift! Christmas is a celebration of the greatest gift imaginable, God’s only Son. A gift that great required advance notice! Join us for a 4 part series as we look at God’s advance notice in anticipation of the gift of His Son.