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Linda Allison

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Brussels Brief 01.18.2017

Happy New Year!  I hope you finished 2016 strong and have embarked on the new year with renewed courage and hope in the Lord.  2016 was a challenging year for me here in Brussels, but the Lord has continued to bless and encourage me:

Brussels Brief 02.27.2016

This may be the briefest “brief” yet, as I am busily sorting out the details of life prior to my surgery on Monday and time seems to galloping along while unexpected complications have prevented me from accomplishing the tasks on my checklist as rapidly as I anticipated.  However, I couldn’t fathom going into this without asking for your prayer support, so here we are!

Brussels Brief 11.20.2015

The best word I can come up with for the last few months is challenging
One of my favorite quotes is from G.K. Chesterton: “An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.”  This has been particularly pertinent for my life in Brussels, where nothing seems to be convenient, and has stood me in good stead as an attitude check on my admittedly pampered American perspective.  Even in my most frustrated moments, I’ve generally been able to come around to the “adventure” way of thinking for the most part.  Until now.

Brussels Brief 08.05.2015

My apologies for not checking in sooner.  Although most of Europe seems to be on holiday currently (which they take very seriously here), I feel like I’m only just now really catching my breath since my return from the US in May.  Things have been hopping for both The Well and Serve the City these last few months.

Brussels Brief 03.24.2015

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it’s already March, and I’m told the French would highly disapprove of any New Years greetings uttered after January, but the New Year theme seems to keep ringing for me here in Brussels.

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Member of the team leading The Well, a dynamic community of Christian faith and mission reaching out to the international population in the heart of the European Union. She also assists with the growing Serve the City initiative, which tangibly expresses the love of Jesus locally and globally.

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