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Amy Evers

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Kasua NT Dedication

“It hasn’t been easy in many ways, but it has been sweet.” (Tommy Logan)  Tommy and Konni Logan have worked among the Kasua people of PNG for the past 26 years.

Culture Meets Scripture

When someone receives a Bible – possibly for the first time in their own language – does that mean they will always read it? Or understand it? How does a person begin to learn how to apply Scripture to their own life in a way that really makes a difference?

Branch Conference… and other work

PNG Branch Conference

Last month we had our bi-yearly Conference at Ukarumpa. Everyone in the PNG branch who is in country is expected to attend. The event has a dual focus. First, it’s a time of spiritual refreshment. Second, it’s a time to deal with any governance issues we need to tackle as a branch.

Catching Up

Do you ever get to the point where you wonder why you’re feeling so busy… then you take a look back at what you’ve actually been up to and it all makes sense?

Easter Sunrise

He is risen! This is the first sunrise service I’ve attended at Ukarumpa where the sun actually rose over the mountains…

A New Video!

Another quick visit (just a couple days) down to Alotau a couple weeks ago – threw off my newsletter writing system : )  The regional center has new managers now (Praise!), but they are still working on figuring out the organizational system of the previous managers and converting it into something that makes sense to their way of working.

Kuni New Testament Dedication

A few updates. Praises first! The rain appears to have returned and the school seems to have enough teachers for the time being. Thanks so much for your prayers on those two things.

Kope Jesus Film Dedication

Time to celebrate again : )  On October 23, the Kope people gathered together to dedicate the completion of their short term project. For the past 7 years, they have worked towards this day, when they were able to gather as a community and watch the Jesus film dubbed into their own language.

A Couple Prayer Requests

A bit of catch-up first. I am currently back in Alotau. In the middle of Sept, a need arose quite suddenly for me to return to Alotau in order to help address a couple of employee issues.

Konai & Kandawo NT Dedications

What a blessing to be able to participate with two different language groups this past month in celebrating the arrival of the New Testament (NT) in their heart language! The first dedication was a ‘business trip’ for me. My office sent me to the Konai NT dedication to capture photo and video.

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The Bible is God’s love letter to us and it cannot be replaced.As a graphic designer and photographer, I enjoy using the talents God has given me in being a part of the Bible translation process.

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