Pete & Emily Johnson

Pete & Emily Johnson

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Coming Up for Air

If you’ve ever been playing in the ocean waves or gone boogie boarding or surfing you know the feeling…

The wave was bigger than you expected…it crashes over you…before you know it…all goes dark…you are pushed and pulled under…you toss and spin around…thinking about how long you can hold your breath you wonder which way is up…and then you are slammed into the sandy bottom knocking out the remaining air you have stored in your lungs…you wonder how long you can stay under…and then…all goes calm…you can see the surface…and you pop up to the surface for a life giving breath of air.

About Pete & Emily

Using camping ministry and church based community development to assist the local Mexican church in their effort to bring the holistic redemptive work of Jesus Christ to individuals, families, and the community.

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Location - Mexico

105 Grenelefe, Williamsburg VA 23188