This Series: From There to Here and Here to There


Verse of the Week-Exodus 3:12a

This week’s verse reminds us that when God has a purpose for us, he’ll always be there.

Moses and the Burning Bush

This week we’ll travel through Exodus 3 as God reveals Moses’ purpose with a defining moment.

What Was I Scared of by Dr. Seuss Read by Mrs. Barb

Mrs. Barb reads about how the character in the book is scared of something in the woods and how God is with us always even though we may feel alone. God puts things into our lives that teach us how to trust and obey him.

Sermon Swag Printables

Print the following packet of printables out for your children. Inside they will find two coloring sheets - one of the Bible story and the other with their weekly Bible verse. A family prayer guide can be found at the end - we hope that this helps you teach your children how to pray to our mighty and awesome God!