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Happy Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday is a very exciting time! It’s when Jesus came back to Jerusalem. People were so excited to be welcoming a king, a king who happened to be riding on a donkey. The people waved palm branches and shouted “Hosana, Hosana, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” The video above is a great, short clip of what Palm Sunday is all about!


God’s Truth- You Are Special

Elephants, bats, toads, and ostriches all have one thing in common…. God made them unique and special in their own ways! There is a problem, though. There are a bunch of wrong ideas about them. For example, you can’t really get a wart if a toad pees on you, bats aren’t completely blind, elephants don’t use their trunk as a straw, and ostriches play dead when they feel unsafe. We can relate to some of this- the devil likes us to think things about ourselves that are not true in the slightest. God’s truth is that He loves us so much and has made each and every one of us special in His eyes!


Exploring God’s Truth- How do They Know?

Ever wonder how some animals just do what they do? For example, how spiders just know to make webs, or bees making their hives so that they can produce honey, birds making nests to protect their babies, or baby sea turtles knowing to go to the ocean when they hatch from their nest under the sand. How AMAZING is that??? We can look at God’s creations and think wow, You must really love us and your animals. He loves them so much he wants us to know how much he cares about His creation by showing us all of these things. Just like in Romans 1:20, “…Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities…” Not only does He love is animals, but He also loves you very, very much! That is God’s truth. Here is an amazing video of baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean!


Gods Truth: He Forgives

Just as one piece of garbage can become a big pile, sin works the same way. One sin can lead to another sin which can lead to another sin and lead to another sin. This is why it is important to know Gods truth, He forgives. When we mess up, we can turn to God.