Week 5 Jesus talks to God the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus talks to God the Father about his anguish in the garden. He asks the disciples to pray because he knows the temptation they will face.

Week 4 Important Conversations-Transfigur…WHAT?!

This week we get the answer to the question, “Who is Jesus really?” God the Father tells us and we have some reliable witnesses.

Week 3 Important Conversations-How Jesus talked to the Father

Jesus shows us how to pray in Matthew 6.

Week 2 Important Conversations-The Temptation of Jesus

Jesus was tempted in the same ways we are, except he NEVER sinned. Jesus shows us how to resist the devil, and reminds us of how BIG his love is for us.

Week 1 Important Conversations-God the Father Loves Jesus

Jesus is God AND man. God the Father loves Jesus, but he still sent His Son to live with us on Earth.