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Jesus Never Said You Get What You Deserve

Most of us think we should get what we deserve. We put in a hard day at work, and we look forward to receiving a paycheck at the end of the week.

But Jesus never said that we get what we deserve. And his actions often demonstrated just the opposite.

So, join us for this message as we continue our series, “Things Jesus Never Said.”


Things Jesus Never Said about Happiness

As we continue our series, “Things Jesus Never Said,” we are going to address the question of how to be happy.

Now, it’s fascinating to hear some of the conventional wisdom about how to be happy. Mindset, circumstances, and alcohol, these are all things that traditional wisdom claims can make our lives happy.

Not surprisingly, Jesus has a very different prescr ...

Things Jesus Never Said About Forgivness

This week, we are beginning a four-week series called “Things Jesus Never Said.” You see, to truly understand the truth of what Jesus said, it sometimes helps to look at what he didn’t say. Looking at what He didn’t say, can help us understand the truth of what he did say.

In this message, we’ll focus on the topic of forgiveness. We’ll look at Jesus ...

God Uses Jars of Clay

We are excited to welcome John Gray, Executive Director of The Union Mission Ministries, as our guest speaker.

Join us for this message as John discusses what God can accomplish when we rely, not on our ability, but on the strength and ability of our Savior, Jesus.


When God Says No!

What do you do when the answer to your prayer isn’t the answer you are looking for; when God’s response to your request is “no?”

Such a response can be hard to receive, and sometimes it can be heartbreaking. We remember all that the Bible says about God hearing our prayers, and ask, “Why is God saying no to me?”

In this week’s message, w ...