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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Pastor Olah Moore was the first African-American intern here at Tab and one of the first African American missionaries sent out by Tabernacle Church.

Pastor Moore is the president emeritus, [...]

Growing the Kingdom, from Norfolk to the Nations

Pastor Craig Rush brings us a message from the Book of Acts entitled, “Growing the Kingdom, from Norfolk to the Nations.”


You, In Ten Years

Many of us have been reflecting on the enormous changes that have transpired over the past decade. But what kind of person will you be in ten years? What will your relationship with God be like? A [...]

Hope and Faith

As we close out this decade at Tab church and enter into a critical next couple of years for the church, we will take a look at hope and faith and how they play a part in our lives and how they sha [...]

Carols: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

This week we will be reflecting on the carol, “Emmanuel.” Interestingly, we don’t know when this carol was first written or sung, but many scholars believe that the words of this [...]

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