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Harnessing The Tremendous Power of the Tongue

James 3 tells us that our words can create a massive difference in the life of a person and the life of a community. Our words can build a people up, but they can also bring them down and destroy t [...]

Just a Few Minutes in the Word

Little changes in how we study God’s Word, how we speak with others, how we think, and how we pray will pay huge dividends in your life. And if we as a church do this, it will make a signific [...]

Trusting God as We Step into the Unknown

We’re getting ready to step into 2019; we’re getting ready to step into the unknown.

But before we do that, we have one last Sunday to ready ourselves. So how do we do that? How [...]

What does it Mean to Glorify God?

One word that appears over and over again in Luke 2, the Christmas passage, is “glory.” The shepherds see a vast host of angels giving glory to God at the birth of Jesus.

In thi [...]

Peace Among Men

At the birth of the Messiah, an angel of the Lord said there would be “Peace among men.” What is this peace that God has promised, and what is the nature of this peace? Is it world pea [...]

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