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Strong in Battle

In this message, we celebrate how the risen Lord Jesus Christ is mighty in battle. We saw on the news this week how dangerous it could be to occupy the same space as a wild tiger. The Bible teaches [...]

Feel the Power

Imagine if you had the cure for cancer. What would it mean to the hundreds of thousands, millions of people dying of cancer?

You have something far better than the cure for cancer. You have [...]

Jesus. What a Beautiful Name

The songs we sing during Sunday morning worship often focus on how beautiful the name of Jesus is.

So, what is God trying to communicate to us about himself through this precious name? Thi [...]

The Battle for Building, Believing, and Enduring

Nehemiah set out to build the wall, and he calculated the cost. But I don’t think Nehemiah realized that he was going to run into opposition, and, he ran into quite a bit of resistance.


In Jesus’ Name

We believe that God can and does answer huge prayers. In this message, we are going to talk about how to pray in the name of Jesus Christ. We’re going to continue our study of Judges, chapte [...]

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