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How to Live Out Your Faith in the Public Arena

Our speakers for this message are Scott and Teri Rigell. The purpose of their visit is not political and they did not ask to come. Rather, I invited them. I know them to be a couple who are fully [...]

Judging - Part 2

What do we do when we see a friend heading engaging in behavior that is potentially harmful? Do we try to give advice? Do we warn them? Or do we just keep silent?

Let’s face it, we st [...]

Acceptable Sins - Anger

There may be no emotion to which society is more desensitized than anger. We see it, feel it, and express it daily.

We’re angry with our government, frustrated by the economy, irritat [...]

The View - The Chew - The Pew

Perhaps you’ve heard of the panel discussion show called “The View.” There is another cooking panel discussion show called “The Chew.”

During this message, Tab will have its very [...]

Rethink Worship

When it comes to spiritual growth, we often focus on increasing our knowledge of God, memorizing Scripture, praying more, or giving more. All of these are noble pursuits and helpful measures of gro [...]

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