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You, In Ten Years

Many of us have been reflecting on the enormous changes that have transpired over the past decade. But what kind of person will you be in ten years? What will your relationship with God be like? A [...]

Carols: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

This week we will be reflecting on the carol, “Emmanuel.” Interestingly, we don’t know when this carol was first written or sung, but many scholars believe that the words of this [...]

O Holy Night

In our new sermon series, “Carols,” we’ll take a look at some of our favorite Christmas songs and examine the profound truths contained in the lyrics of these much-loved carols....]

Jesus Never Said Money is the Root of All Evil

Americans worry more about money than work issues, personal relationships, and even the threat of terrorism. What’s worse is research shows that if you have poor financial health, you are mor [...]

Jesus Never Said You Get What You Deserve

Most of us think we should get what we deserve. We put in a hard day at work, and we look forward to receiving a paycheck at the end of the week.

But Jesus never said that we get what we de [...]

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