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The Blind Man Ends Up with Everything!

When we let God write our stories, He writes a story worth telling! God writes a story abundantly more than we could ever imagine! But allowing God to write our story takes a step of faith.


I Didn’t Sign Up for This

This week we are going to be continuing our sermon series, “What’s Your story?” We’re going to look at how God uses suffering in our story. I know we all have had difficult [...]

I See You

Can you imagine meeting Jesus in person? That’s what happens in the passage we’re discussing this week, the author tells us that Jesus was walking along, and he sees a tax collector nam [...]

Changed for Good

The big idea that we’re going to be talking about in this message is “Changed for Good.” Now, you can read this phrase in two ways. When we follow Jesus, we’re changed for g [...]

Church Perks

Last week we talked about how we are all in the same boat, our ability to unify around the cross, and the mission that allows the church to be all that God intends.

This week we are going t [...]

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