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The Big Reveal

For months we’ve been talking about the “Big Reveal.” The elders have been seeking God, praying, and have been in some pretty intense discussions. Now, in this message, we are re [...]

The One Thing

In this message, we’re going to be talking about “thing one,” the one thing Jesus says we should do. Then next Sunday, August 12th, we are going to be talking about “thing [...]

This is Us: Culturally Relevant

Because the Internet makes information readily available, I often take different classes online. Right now I’m doing a study on astronomy, looking at the stars and the planets, their movemen [...]

Hope for Discouraged Fathers

One of our church’s core values is that as a church family, we want to empower young families in the church. We want children are both spiritually and emotionally healthy, and we believe that [...]

This is Us

As a church, we frequently need to be reminded who we are because we can get what I’ll call “ecclesiastical amnesia.” We forget who we are. We forget our core. We forget that whic [...]

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