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Righteousness Greater than that of the Religious Leaders

This week we’re going to look at a fascinating passage where Jesus says to his disciples that unless your righteousness is even greater than those of religious leaders, you can’t enter [...]

What Does it Mean to Be a Citizen of God’s Kingdom?

What does it mean to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom? Jesus’ teaching, given to His disciples, describes what the life of a Christ-follower should look like.

The Sermon on the Mount a [...]

This is Us: Serving Our City

In this message we’re going to be talking about serving our city. We believe that God has put us at 7000 Granby Street to love our city, to bless our city, to serve our city. He put us here t [...]

The Big Reveal

For months we’ve been talking about the “Big Reveal.” The elders have been seeking God, praying, and have been in some pretty intense discussions. Now, in this message, we are re [...]

The One Thing

In this message, we’re going to be talking about “thing one,” the one thing Jesus says we should do. Then next Sunday, August 12th, we are going to be talking about “thing [...]

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