I See You

    Can you imagine meeting Jesus in person? That’s what happens in the passage we’re discussing this week, the author tells us that Jesus was walking along, and he sees a tax collector named Levi. And, where others might have seen a dreaded tax collector, Jesus saw potential.

    God sees us too. And, He sees our potential. When it comes to our story, God gets personal!

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    • Who is someone you know about but would love to know on a personal level?
    • Read Luke 5:27-32
    • What sticks out to you in this passage?
    • What challenges you about this passage?
    • Describe a time when a personal invitation altered your life?
    • Describe the connection between our God story and faith?
    • What situation are you currently facing that is requiring a step of faith? What story do you hope God will write?
    • What might God use from your past to impact people who would otherwise be hard to reach?

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