Learning to Trust the Process

    When a team has a lackluster season, fans can become discouraged. Often coaches encourage the fans to “trust the process.” When the team turns defeat into success fans are elated, and even more so as a result of going through a rough patch.

    God’s people can get discouraged as well. We can become disillusioned when it seems like God isn’t at work in our lives. In our discouragement, we may be tempted to give up on the promises God makes to us in His Word.

    As we examine the opening scenes of the book of Exodus this week, we see God’s people are waiting and suffering, enslaved in Egypt. As we see God leading them to what He had promised long ago, we will learn that this is a story for all of us today.

    In this message, we learn to “trust the process” that God is leading each of us through. Though we may not always be able to sense it, God is at work in our lives and our church family, giving us a vision of our future to pursue together.

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