Look Carefully at How You Walk

    Mike Fariss, President of Urban Discovery Ministries, concludes our series on “Big ‘C’ Church” by exploring Ephesians 5 and discussing what it means to walk carefully and live wisely in the light that Christ provides each of us.

    Discuss Together

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    • Describe your last, “Say What??” moment. When was the last time you heard or said something that caused the people around you to do a double-take?
    • Read Ephesians 5:14-21 as a family or group. What sticks out to you or challenges you the most?
    • The culture’s view and the bible’s view on humility don’t always agree. What does it mean that “humility is a source of strength?”
    • How does mutual submission impact the Big C Church? Why is it so vital to the mission?
    • How does mutual submission create an environment by which we see ourselves as we indeed are? Describe the challenges and rewards that come with this.
    • Describe a time in which you had a soul on soul collision with another person.
    • What’s one thing you’re asking God for during this unique season in our world?

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