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You Asked For It!

Why should the pastor always get to pick the sermon topic? Starting April 27th, YOU DECIDE! In this series we'l take several weeks to answer the questions you have regarding the issues you find the most challenging.

Homosexuality, Gay Rights, and Gay Marriage

This week we begin a series entitled You Asked For It. In this first message, I’ll be answering your questions regarding homosexuality, gay rights, and gay marriage. This topic is very relevant as we see a progressing acceptance of gay and lesbian lifestyles in our culture. It’s time we all look at Scripture and get God’s perspective on how we, as His representatives, should be responding.

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The Church and Politics

Did God establish Hitler as a leader? Were the Christians of Germany to just submit and follow? Should the church get involved in politics? Should followers of Jesus remain silent in regards to politics or should they try to influence political decisions?

These are but some of the questions we’ll answer in this message as we continue our series You Asked For It! Read Romans 13:1–7 and come prepared to think about how a follower of Jesus should relate to their government.

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Is This the End?

Many of the questions submitted for our You Asked for It! series have had to do with “End Time” issues. Questions like: When will Jesus come back? How will He come back? and How do I prepare for His coming? Some of you even asked questions related to cremation! In this message, we will discuss “End Time” issues.

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Should I Force My Faith on My Kids?

“Should I force my faith on my kids?” We continue our You Asked For It series by examining this interesting question. Maybe we are in the middle of a situation with a teenager at home that has told us, “I’m not going to church anymore.” Or perhaps we’ll hear the statement from our young child one day down the road. Just maybe we were that young person at some point in our past.

Whether or not we have teens at home, this is a message that affects all of us. Why? Because lasting faith starts first and foremost with what we are exposing our kids to at home, but also the overall environment we are creating in our church. We either are contributing to or hindering the faith of young people at Tab Church, in subtle and obvious ways.

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You Asked for It

Pastor Kenny is joined by one our church elders, Mark Simon to answer questions submitted by the congregation, This week they tackle questions about baptism, prayer, alcohol, military action and more.

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You Asked For It - Part II

This week, Elder Jim Hunnewell joins Pastor Kenny Bryant as they tackle questions about life, death, heaven, hell and end times. You won’t want to miss this one.

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You Asked For It - Part III

This week, as we continue our series You Asked For It, Pastor Kenny is joined by Children’s and Women’s Ministry Pastor, Sue Hilton, and Student Pastor Jeff Jamba to answer questions submitted by the congregation.

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You Asked For It - Part IV

Pastor Kenny wraps-up our Q&A series entitled, “You Asked For It.” This week he tackles questions ranging from “Are tattoos ok?” to “Can we lose our salvation?”.

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