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Modern Family

Modern Family - Real Motherhood is Really Messy

Mother’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of moms everywhere, but it can also be a day of heartache for many. Our dreams for our children can often go unfilled or even be derailed completely. Even in the best of situations, motherhood is a monumental calling. This Sunday Youth Pastor, Jeff Jamba, will look at a mom from Scripture who faces pain and loss intimately, yet she is somehow able to hold on to hope, and experience unexpected blessings in her life.

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Modern Family - This One Thing

Being a parent is a joy but the act of parenting is tiring. Being the homework enforcer, managing chores, shuffling children to events, making discipline decisions, etc., are all very demanding. The modern family is busier than ever and being busy can not only wear you out but it can often lead to a loss of focus.

Of all the things a parent is to do, there is one thing above all others that must remain a priority and if parents fail in keeping this one thing their priority, then nothing else really matters.

Listen, as Pastor Kenny Bryant tells us about this one thing.

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Family Matters - A Parent’s Mission

Every great business has a strong mission statement to keep everyone focused on what is important. This week Pastor Kenny shares what the scriptures reveal about God’s mission for parents.

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Modern Family - Marriage

Join us as Pastor Kenny shares the eternal truths to make a modern marriage successful.

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Modern Family - Adult Children and Aging Parents

Carlton Deal, TAB missionary to Brussels, Belgium, will continue our sermon series on “Modern Family.” He will address the complex issue of how adult children should relate to their aging parents.

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Modern Family - Non-traditional Families

Families often consist of several fathers; several mothers; and full, half, and step siblings. The dynamics in these homes are complex to say the least and many of them struggle to find their identity as a family unit. Many never get past the damage and scars that are inflicted when families split and also are inflicted when they merge. Single parent families, another “non-traditional family model,” are at the highest rate ever.

How do we make such families work? What does God have to say? This Sunday, we will look at God’s Word for some desperately needed direction.

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Modern Family - Fatherhood

This Sunday, on Father’s Day, we will look at why men are so frustrated when it comes to fatherhood and how fathers can be both impactful and successful by following a few simple, God-given steps.

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