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Mission imPossible

How Can the Impossible Become Possible?

From a human standpoint, followers of Christ are called to do the impossible. Join us each week as we discover the possibilities of the impossible.

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The Craziness of God

This Sunday’s sermon will address the issue of being misunderstood. We’ll discuss the reasons why this is so often the case and how we should be prepared to respond to those who are so dazed and confused by our testimonies.

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What Encouragement Can Do

Pastor Kenny shares the amazing affects of encouragement.

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Kingdom Treasure

Pastor Kenny shares with us that God built and empowered us to have an effective and lasting impact on our world. We can be a world changers. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s a reality.

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A Time To Speak

Telling someone they are wrong can result in being misread as being afraid of them or of hating them. So, in our desire to be peaceful people, and not be mischaracterized, we often just keep our mouths closed when we should be speaking loudly on matters of truth and justice.

On the other hand, we all know folks who open their mouths way too much. We don’t want to err on that side either.

So where is the balance?

In this message, we will look at God’s word and discover when it is appropriate to speak up and when it is appropriate to mind our own business.

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What is the Story we are Telling?

We are captivated by stories. The deeper the storylines and the richer the words are, the more they draw us in.

What about the story that God as Author and Creator is trying to tell us? This Sunday, we’ll examine Acts 13:13-52 as we seek to better understand that God is telling a story throughout human history. We have a part to play both individually as well as a church family in this story.

Some of us are living out story lines that are leaving us dissatisfied. What if God is revealing to us a new script, a new story line that brings us more life, purpose and meaning?

Enjoy this message as we explore this idea together!

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Keeping Our Focus

There are few things that excite me more than when someone responds positively to the good news found in Jesus. I’m frustrated when this is not the case.

We tell others about the hope we have found in him and they often respond by staring back at us with blank looks, redirecting the conversation, or replying “good for you.” In other words, they aren’t interested in what you are sharing.

Over time, these kinds of responses can lessen our desire to share Jesus with others. We figure that they probably aren’t interested anyway.

In this message, I’d like to discuss a strategy with you that I believe will keep you focused on sharing the gospel and keep you from wanting to give up. Please read Acts 14:1-7 to get ready.

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Anatomy of a Miracle

We’ve all seen the claims. We’ve all heard the stories. Another religious leader telling us how God used them to perform a miracle. Are these guys for real? What are we to make of them?

Since childhood we have learned about the waters that were parted, a man being swallowed by fish, dead people being raised to life, and the blind being made to see. That might make for good Bible stories but what about life today? Are miracles part of our current experience? Should they be? It seems like we all ask for them. But is it right to expect them?

In this message, we will look at Paul and Barnabas’ miracle experience at Lystra and we will use this narrative to help us understand miracles a bit better which in return, will help us know their place in our lives.

Why not read Acts 14:8-20 in preparation for listening?

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Your Mission… Should You Choose to Accept It

In this message Ed Haywood, pastor of the Urban Community Church of Norfolk, joins us as we finish up our current series, Mission imPOSSIBLE. This mission began with the apostles and continues as your mission… should you choose to accept it.

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