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Jesus the Refugee

War, violence, death...a man and a woman had to make the decision to flee or to stay in the midst of danger. This decision was not only for themselves, but also on behalf of their baby boy. Were they scared? Could they speak the language? Did they have the finances to be sustainable? Would there even be a place to stay? What should they do?

Jesus the Refugee

There are plenty of refugee stories in Scripture. The first refugees mentioned are Adam and Eve as they are forced from the Garden. Then, there are the ones God sends out from the tower of Babel. And then there is the nation of Israel fleeing from Egypt. The story of Ruth is a refugee story.

Yes, there are plenty of refugee stories in Scripture. But the biggest and grandest story is that of our Lord, who not only had to flee Bethlehem, but who exchanged heaven for earth. This refugee story changed all of humanity and creation forever.

In this message we’re reminded of what Jesus the refugee suffered, endured, and accomplished as heaven’s refugee.

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Jesus the Refugee - Part 2

Last Sunday, we discussed that Jesus himself was a refugee. In this message, we’ll discover that his followers are too. Knowing that we are refugees will influence our attitude and actions.

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Is Your Christmas Getting a Little Crazy?

Christmas, for most of us, is crazy.

The endless cycle of shopping, programs, events, parties, wrapping, and baking goodies keeps us constantly on the go as the 25th draws near. More seriously, some of us have to face crisis and hurt at a time when our friends are focused on hope, joy, love, and peace.

As Christians, we’re supposed to celebrate the reality of the incarnation each year at Christmas, that somehow God steps into our world at the birth of Jesus. The truth of Christmas speaks of the depth of God’s love for us - that God willingly leaves his home to live among us.

As refugees in this world, will we submit to the demands of the pressures and trappings of Christmas or experience joy, and know the true hope we were created for?

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