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How did the church become such a force in just a few years? The Spirit of God moved mightily through the Jesus' disciples as they sough to fulfill His mission. We pick up our Bible study on the book of Acts as we continue to examine Luke’s account of the early church.

Something to Fight About

When was the last time you saw a “knock down drag out” fight? I’m sure you remember where you were and what you were doing. Heated disputes are usually riveting, sometimes frightening, and have a way of enhancing our memories. After all, loss, injury, or even death are real possibilities.

In the account given in Acts 15, the apostle Paul, along with the Antioch Church, engage a faction of Hebrew Christians in an epic dispute that was frightening in its implications. This fight threatens to kill the Gentile church in its infancy.

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Who’s Seated at Your Table?

Your fondest memories are likely to include food. Weddings, holidays, graduation parties, and big birthday celebrations often have a time of sitting down and sharing a meal together. We love to gather with those closest to us and eat! It was no different in the early church. In fact, a large part of Acts 15 has to do with how Christians of different cultures and backgrounds could sit down and enjoy fellowship around a table together. When that fellowship was threatened, the church responded.

Too often in church we are comfortable only enjoying life together with those like us. The early church took action to make sure that culture was not a dividing factor. I’d encourage you to read through Acts 15 before listening and ask yourself honestly, “Who is seated at our table?” If the people at our table are just like us, it’s probably time to change seats.

Pastor Jeff

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Conflicts are part of life. In fact, they are a common occurrence. Seldom a day goes by when you won’t be in conflict with someone. You would think that because this is such common occurrence that we would know how to handle these situations well. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We often handle them poorly making things much worse than it should be.

In this message, we will look at Acts chapter 15 and analyze a case study on the personal conflict between Paul and Barnabas. You will walk away from this passage with a better understanding of conflict, how you can be better prepared for it, and deal with it in a God-honoring way.

Pastor Kenny

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How to Handle the Conflict in Your Life

Like death and taxes, conflict is one of those things you cannot escape. There will be conflict in your marriage, conflict in the home, conflict at school, conflict at work, and even conflict in the church. The question is not whether there will be conflict, but how you will deal with it.

In this message, I am going to teach you the steps God wants you to take to deal with the conflict in your life. Don’t miss this!

Pastor Kenny

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Timothy - Characteristics of a Leader

In this message, Pastor Kenny teaches from the book of Acts, resuming with chapter 16. In these passages we find a man named Timothy being added to the list of those who ministered with Paul. Timothy would soon become one of the greatest leaders and pastors of the New Testament church.

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One Way We Can Fool Ourselves

So, what’s your vision? There probably is not one question that I am asked more frequently than this one.

It’s a good question because we all need to make plans, develop strategies, and hold ourselves accountable for making headway. So, I like the question.

At the same time, we can often fool ourselves into thinking that it is our insight, our brilliance, our tenacity, or our giftedness that makes the vision a reality. Such thinking is foolish. We need to be reminded that anything really worth achieving will be accomplished because of our Lord’s vision, and by His power, not ours.

Join me as we look at the opening verses of Acts 16 and see how our Lord is at work moving us to accomplish His vision.

Pastor Kenny

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The Path of the God-Fearer

Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom but the reverence of God alone is not enough to bring one to a redeeming knowledge of Him.

Reverence that does not lead to repentance and reformation through transformation ultimately becomes rebellion. God-Fearers must not become comfortable in their respect for God. Their premature rest may be come eternal regret.

Join me as we explore Acts 16:11-15 together.

Pastor Ed

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Don’t Waste Your Season of Suffering

Fact #1: Because of sin, people suffer.
Fact #2: The longer you live, the more you will suffer.
Fact #3: Most people do not leverage their suffering for The Kingdom.

Many people, when they are in seasons of suffering just moan and complain. But for followers of Jesus, it is in seasons of suffering where God does some of his best work in us and through us.

Read Acts 16:16-41. In this message we’ll talk about how God uses suffering to expand his Kingdom.

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Sometimes Just Being There is Enough

Sometimes, just being there is enough. Sometimes, just one’s presence is enough to encourage and strengthen.

This is exactly what Paul does with a church that was in crisis. His presence was enough to strengthen and enable a group to eventually become one of the leading Christian communities in Europe.

In this message, we will consider what your presence does in the life of others.Read all of Acts 16 again and familiarize yourself with the story.

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What Does the Word ‘Christ’ Really Mean?

In church, we often use the name Jesus Christ. But what does the word Christ mean? I’ve heard some people say that it was Jesus’ last name.

For Paul, Christ was a rather important word. Perhaps its importance is lost to some of today’s Christ followers. But, if we miss the significance of the word, we miss a large part of what we are called to be.

Read Acts 17:1-10 as we look at this passage together.

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Acts 17 - Paul in Berea

The Apostle Paul, while fighting the attack of Satan at every turn, sprinkled the seeds of the Gospel along the Roman road known as the Egnatian Way. As he traveled, Paul encountered soils of varying conditions suitable for planting the Gospel.

The people of Thessalonica and Berea, represent different soils. Both cities produced fruit from the spread of the Gospel and added to the Body of Christ.

In this message, we’ll study in Acts 17:1-15 and look Paul’s ministry to the towns in this region.

Pastor Ed

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You Can’t Say That

Have you ever been told that there are some things that you just can’t talk about? Religion and politics are two. Yet, as witness for Jesus, we have the responsibility to speak up.

As a result, many followers of Jesus feel conflicted. They want to tell others about Jesus, but at the same time they sense that doing so may be inappropriate.

In this message, we will look at Acts 17:16-34]( and discover how we can proclaim Jesus in appropriate ways.

Pastor Kenny

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So, What are You Afraid Of?

So, what are you afraid of? We all have fears, doubts, and insecurities. It’s part of being human.

Like us, the Apostle Paul was conflicted with fear and doubt while facing opposition in Corinth. Yet, in his fear, God gave Paul the ultimate confidence.

This Sunday we will look at Acts 18 and discover why we should never be afraid to share our faith with others, and we will begin to explore “appropriate ways” to testify to others what God is doing in us today.

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Standing on the Promises of God

One thing that most of us have learned is this: A promise is only as good as the person who makes it.

Even people with the best intentions are not always able to follow through on the promises that they have made. But as followers of Jesus, we can stand on the promises of God. His promises are sure.

So, what are the promises He has made to you? From time-to-time, its good to review His promises and be reminded and assured that He will deliver on what He has promised.

In preparation for this message, read the first seventeen verses of Acts 18. I promise this will be a great day!

Pastor Kenny

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