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Our Unchanging God

Is there one characteristic or personality trait by which people identify you? Sometimes those identifiers can be good or bad. And sometimes they become our lifelong nicknames. Consider this verse:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. - James 1:17

Over the last two months we have been exploring several of God’s best-known attributes; the one’s that we quickly recognize, recall, and celebrate. This week we are going to examine an attribute that we don’t often think of concerning God, but one that is critical to so much of his character.

In this message we learn about God’s immutability, his unchanging nature, and that we can always trust in our God.

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Tab’s Future Destination and Direction

As a boy growing up at Tab, I remember how my family would go for Sunday drives immediately after the worship service. We didn’t have a particular destination – we’d simply go where the road led. Sometimes we’d end up at the Outer Banks. At other times, we’d be on a Virginia country road. Just aimlessly driving was a joy.

But churches aren’t cars and they can’t be driven aimlessly. Churches must be mission-driven with a clear direction and destination in view.

This Sunday, we will be discussing Tab’s future destination and direction: Our mission and how we will accomplish it. I think you will enjoy the ride.

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Sunday Still Matters

This time of year, it’s easy to stay home from church. You’ve traveled further than Santa Claus. Wrapping paper is everywhere. Your stomach is full, and the last thing you want to do is change out of those sweatpants.

But our time together on Sundays is of great importance to God and it should be a top priority for us. As much as our culture tries to pry us away from time with the family of God, Sunday still matters! Hope to see you at church (sweatpants and all)!

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The Key that Unlocks the Door to Change

January serves a great purpose in our lives. Because it brings in a fresh new year, it brings with it the fresh hope for change.

We all have areas in our lives where we would like to see change. But wanting change and actually changing are two very different things. This is because few of us have found the key to change which is explained in God’s word. in this message we will discover this key that unlocks the door to change.

I love you,


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Counting the Cost

Stairway To Heaven is not only a popular rock song known by most westerners, it is also a very popular Bible story known by most Christians. The storyline is about Jacob, a stairway, and mostly, it is about God. And although many are familiar with the story, they are unaware of its significance. This Sunday we will consider this story’s meaning, not only in the life of Jacob, but its contemporary significance in today’s church.

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Stairway to Heaven

I’ve heard people say it doesn’t cost anything to become a follower of Jesus. Just accept his gift of salvation. Is this really true? Does it cost us nothing?

In this message we continue our look at the “Stairway to Heaven” found in Genesis 28 and consider the price Jacob knew that he’d have to pay if he accepted God’s covenant gifts. I think you’ll find that the price to be paid by us is not so different.

Pastor Kenny

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Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

Have you ever heard of the biblical saying, Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind? Although it is true that some people seem to get away with inappropriate actions and attitudes, the old maxim is more true than people often realize.

In the message, we will present the third part in our series entitled Wrestlemania: A study in the life of Jacob. The title for this particular sermon is A Man Reaps What He Sows. Genesis 29 will be our text but it’s a long chapter and we will not be able to read it all in our service. Come prepared by reading the chapter beforehand.

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Desperate Housewives

I’ve never watched the show Desperate Housewives so I can only guess what it is about. However, as I read Genesis 29:31 - 30:24, this title seemed to fit.

It’s weird enough that in the last chapter Jacob wakes up with the wrong nocturnal bed partner but this passage takes things to a whole new level in degenerate activity.

Come prepared to celebrate God and to hear his truth proclaim - even through such awkward passages as these.

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Swimming Upstream

Ever feel like you are swimming upstream? The journey is not easy. Not only does the current keep pulling you back, but all your fish friends seem to be moving in the opposite direction. You feel alone, weak, and weird. You wonder if its worth all the trouble. You want to give in, but you know you need to keep on swimming.

I sometimes feel that the Christian life is like this. Everything seems to be pulling and pushing me away from where I know God wants me to be.

As we look at the life of Jacob (Gen 30:25-31:55), we’ll see an example of someone in our shoes. Everything is moving in one direction, but God is calling him to another. Let’s discover how he deals with it and if we can learn anything.

Pastor Kenny

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Defeated? Discouraged? Want to Quit?

I was in the car last night sharing my heart with my wife. I told her about an area of my life in which I feel very defeated, discouraged, and just wanted to quit. I told her that it seems like everything is pushing against me. She looked at me and said, “You aren’t a quitter.” Then the Spirit said to me, “Don’t you listen to your own sermons?”

Last week we talked about how to stay the course. How to never give up. From Genesis chapters 30–31, we gleaned several principles on how to keep moving in God’s direction. We discussed three last week and this week, we discover three more. This week, I hope I listen.

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Spoiler Alert - From Wrestling to Blessing

Have you ever flipped to the end of a book before finishing it, because you can’t wait to see how it turns out? Maybe I am the only weird one, but I doubt it.

In this message, we are going to jump out of order a bit in the story of Jacob and take a peek at the end of his life. We’ll see that he goes from wrestling in his relationships, both with God and others, to one who now brings blessing to others. Often we are bent on pursuing life on our own terms, and we run into inevitable heartache and conflict, just as Jacob experienced. But once he sees himself in how he fits into the bigger story that God is accomplishing, it makes a profound difference in all his relationships.

As we examine the last chapters in Genesis together, come ready to learn how we can bless others like Jacob did. As we do, it’s my hope and prayer for us that we would see with fresh eyes the ways that God has enabled us to bring good to others, because we know that God has been so good to us.

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Lose Sleep, but Gain Perspective

The time spent listening to this message will be well worth it when you consider what will be gained.

What you will gain is a fresh perspective on the God who never gives up on us. We will be looking at the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 & 33 to gain this perspective. Read ahead for a preview!

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Jacob: Why Would God Include Such a Weird Story?

Ever read a Bible story and think, “What in the world is that in there for? What in the World is God trying to say through such a weird story?”

As we complete our Wrestlemania series this week, we will look at Genesis 34 and ask the same questions. I think we’ll find a very interesting answer.

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Rethink Worship

When it comes to spiritual growth, we often focus on increasing our knowledge of God, memorizing Scripture, praying more, or giving more. All of these are noble pursuits and helpful measures of growth, but when was the last time you asked yourself how you were growing in your worship of God?

Last week, we considered God’s great invitation to worship. In this message, with God’s Word again as our guide, we’ll consider how to biblically respond to that invitation. I hope you’re challenged to rethink worship and I pray we will all find ourselves growing in our worship of Him.

“Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” - Hebrews 13:15

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Go Public

There are plenty of ways we proclaim our faith. One way, and perhaps the best way, is baptism. On my Facebook wall, I asked what questions do people have and what needs to be addressed in regards to this important topic. I was surprised by some of the questions.

This Sunday, I’ll answer them.

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Won’t You be My Neighbor - Part 1

This week I am excited to start a two part series entitled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” The Bible has a lot to say about how we are to treat our neighbors. In fact, much of the Old Testament law was written with neighbors in mind. So too with the New Testament. In this series, we’ll define who our neighbors really are and what we are to do with them.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor - Part 2

In this message, I will be teaching from Luke 10: 20-37, the story of the Good Samaritan. Just when I think I know a story, The Spirit opens my eyes to new things. I always thought that Jesus answered the question, “Who is my neighbor?” in this passage, but he doesn’t . He answers another, much more profound question, that interestingly, isn’t even asked.

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A couple of thousand years ago something happened that had never happened before. A person came back to life. That one fact is so important that to this day all of human history is divided up into BC and AD. In this message we will explore the meaning of this event and what it means for each of us.

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Homosexuality, Gay Rights, and Gay Marriage

This week we begin a series entitled You Asked For It. In this first message, I’ll be answering your questions regarding homosexuality, gay rights, and gay marriage. This topic is very relevant as we see a progressing acceptance of gay and lesbian lifestyles in our culture. It’s time we all look at Scripture and get God’s perspective on how we, as His representatives, should be responding.

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The Church and Politics

Did God establish Hitler as a leader? Were the Christians of Germany to just submit and follow? Should the church get involved in politics? Should followers of Jesus remain silent in regards to politics or should they try to influence political decisions?

These are but some of the questions we’ll answer in this message as we continue our series You Asked For It! Read Romans 13:1–7 and come prepared to think about how a follower of Jesus should relate to their government.

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Is This the End?

Many of the questions submitted for our You Asked for It! series have had to do with “End Time” issues. Questions like: When will Jesus come back? How will He come back? and How do I prepare for His coming? Some of you even asked questions related to cremation! In this message, we will discuss “End Time” issues.

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Should I Force My Faith on My Kids?

“Should I force my faith on my kids?” We continue our You Asked For It series by examining this interesting question. Maybe we are in the middle of a situation with a teenager at home that has told us, “I’m not going to church anymore.” Or perhaps we’ll hear the statement from our young child one day down the road. Just maybe we were that young person at some point in our past.

Whether or not we have teens at home, this is a message that affects all of us. Why? Because lasting faith starts first and foremost with what we are exposing our kids to at home, but also the overall environment we are creating in our church. We either are contributing to or hindering the faith of young people at Tab Church, in subtle and obvious ways.

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Acceptable Sins

Some sins are obvious - at least among those who call themselves followers of Jesus. Murder, adultery, or stealing, I think we would find overwhelming consensus that these actions are sinful.

However, with other actions like spending an unhealthy amount of time at work, placing our pleasure and comfort ahead of giving to God, or stirring the pot with unkind words, we have a hard time calling them what they are - sins. We sort of know they are wrong but we accept them as just the way things are. But such actions are not the way things should be or could be.

In this message, we begin a sermon series on “Acceptable Sins.” My hope is that by bringing to our attention the ungodly actions we often welcome, and maybe even promote, we will be more inclined to put them to death in our lives.

Pastor Kenny

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Acceptable Sins - Unthankfulness

One sin that we are prone to accept in our lives is the sin of unthankfulness. In fact, many of us would wonder if this is a sin at all. Maybe you are thinking that it is sure nice to be thankful, but is it really a sin to be unthankful?

However, the Bible tells us that it is precisely because of unthankfulness that the world is in such a sad shape. Being ungrateful and unthankful bears all kinds of bad fruit and is an affront to God. In this message we consider how to put an end to our unthankfulness and allow God to give us a heart of gratitude.

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Acceptable Sins - Spiritual Neglect

In this message, we continue our discussion of Acceptable Sins and consider the sins that fathers make all too often. Fathers often want to be seen as the one in charge, the one who sets the pace in the home, and the authoritarian.

In trying to achieve these goals, we often neglect our primary goal as biological fathers. Nothing is more important for a father than to show his children who their spiritual father is. Our greatest job is to help our children get to know their spiritual daddy.

Today, I want to encourage fathers in their roles and to help them achieve spiritual success in this area.

Pastor Kenny

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The Sin of Discontentment

Ever heard the saying, “Life’s hard, and then you die?” Sounds pretty pessimistic to me. However, life is hard.

I’ve lived long enough to know that each day has hardships of its own. I’ve discovered that what marks the follower of Christ is not the absence of hardship, but his response to them. Paul says that he learned to be content in every situation. Can you say that?

In this talk we will confront the sin of discontentment and learn how to be satisfied in every situation.

Pastor Kenny

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Acceptable Sins - Anger

There may be no emotion to which society is more desensitized than anger. We see it, feel it, and express it daily.

We’re angry with our government, frustrated by the economy, irritated by our spouse, bothered by our boss. You name it and someone is mad about it. But is it actually a sin to be angry? If so, how can I control it? If not, when is anger appropriate? As we continue our “Acceptable Sins” series, we’ll look at the anger we’ve allowed to become commonplace and ask God to make us more like Jesus.

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How to Judge Without Being Judgmental

People make judgments for many reasons. We have all felt at times that someone was judging us on the basis of our looks, dress, or political affiliation. Perhaps we have unfairly judged others for these reasons, or at least been accused of doing that.

We know the Bible speaks about making judgments, but what does it mean? In this message, we learn how to judge without being judgmental.

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Judging - Part 2

What do we do when we see a friend heading engaging in behavior that is potentially harmful? Do we try to give advice? Do we warn them? Or do we just keep silent?

Let’s face it, we struggle to get involved, even to offer counsel. Why do struggle to admonish one another? In this message, Tab Elder, O’Neil Arrington shares why we should care enough to admonish one another and how to do it in a positive way.

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How to Live Out Your Faith in the Public Arena

Our speakers for this message are Scott and Teri Rigell. The purpose of their visit is not political and they did not ask to come. Rather, I invited them. I know them to be a couple who are fully devoted to Jesus and who have a very unique perspective as business and civic leaders. I think they have much to teach us about how one can live out their Christianity in the public arena.

Pastor Kenny

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The Sin of Mismanagement

For the past month we have been discussing acceptable sins. Not that they should be accepted, but that they are accepted.

This week, we talk about a particular sin that most of us would agree to be something we willingly tolerate. In fact, most of us are embarrassed by it and try to keep it under wraps.

  • It’s something pastors either over emphasize or ignore completely.
  • It’s something Jesus talked about more than He talked heaven or hell.

Do you know which sin I’m talking about? It’s the sin of mismanagement. Listen as we uncover this acceptable sin.

Pastor Kenny

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Acceptable Sins - Lack of Self Control

We conclude our series on Acceptable Sins by looking at the lack of self-control. What is it for you? Is it over eating? A hot temper? Substance abuse? There are so many things that we should put away but we seem to lack the ability. There is hope which is found in Christ.

In this message, Dr. Paul Hardy, the founder and president of Recovery for Life and the leader of our church recovery ministry, will be our guest speaker.

Pastor Kenny

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Chosen, a Truth from Isaiah

Our speaker for this message is Mike Latsko. Mike was raised at Tab and also served on staff as Missions Pastor.

A little over 10 years ago, he took his family to Mesa Arizona to join the Frontiers Missions staff as a missionary spokesperson and mobilizer. He will be sharing God’s truth from the prophet Isaiah.

Pastor Kenny

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Hey Jude - Part 1

This message is the first in a short, two week study, entitled Hey Jude. Guess which book of the Bible we will be studying.

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Sin Licenses

Though it seems ridiculous now, there was a time when some leaders in the church thought it best to give people a sin license. In trying to raise money for a new cathedral in Rome, church leaders would sell these licenses, then called indulgences, to gullible parishioners for a high price.

That was 600 years ago and the practice of selling indulgences has long since been rebuffed. But interestingly, people still they carry this license. In this message, we will discuss what it means to carry a sin license. We will also discuss what God does about it. Read Jude and come prepared to think through the implications.

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What are You Reaching For?

Reach: To stretch in a specified direction in order to grasp something. What are you reaching for?

When it comes to our spiritual life, so many of us want more. Though contented, we are not satisfied to stay in the same place. We want more of God, more significant relationships, and we want to do more in order to make our community a better reflection of God’s Kingdom. So we press on, reaching for that next higher level.

This Sunday, we will begin a series entitled “Reach.” For the next few weeks we will be looking at stretching in specific directions in order to grasp the life God desires and the life we want.

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Reach Up

Just think about how difficult it would be if you went on a long trip and didn’t have any directional signs pointing the way. It would not only be frustrating, it could lead to you being helplessly lost.

When it comes to the journey that really matters, the journey of life, God leaves us a clear directional sign so we can reach our desired destination. Unfortunately, many people don’t read the sign.

In this message we our eyes on this sign. Read Hebrews 12:1-3 in preparation for our map reading lesson.

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How Tab Church Helps You Reach Up

We all know what it’s like to see that object on the top shelf and then as we reach for it, we find that it is just a bit out of our grasp.

But God’s not like that. He’s reachable. As we pursue Him, He promises to make Himself and his power available, reachable, and attainable. In this message, we will continue our Reach series and consider what it means to reach up to God.

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Reach In - Part 1

In this message, we continue our REACH series by looking at what it means to REACH IN. We’ve spent the past few weeks considering what it means to reach up and in coming weeks we will consider what it means to reach out.

But this week, we will spend some time thinking about what it means to reach in and serve those within the church. This is often a neglected part of the Christian life but as we will see, it is vitally important for our spiritual health.

Pastor Kenny

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Reach In - Part 2

Uncle Sam Wants You. Back in the days of World War II, our government did a pretty good job of convincing people that we could overcome our enemies if each one would just step up to the plate and do their part. The phrase “Uncle SAM Wants You” was a common slogan encouraging people to volunteer their resources in order to get the job done.

God wants you. God makes it very clear that every person in His family is to be involved in doing his or her part to “reach in” and build up the church. Not only that, but He promises to give us what we need in order to get the job done. Everyone has a God-given and God-empowered gift, skill, or ability, to be contributed to the common good of His church. No matter who you are or how inadequate you feel, you have been empowered by God for this task.

In this message we will consider what God says about serving the church and His empowerment to do so. We can be the church God desires us to be only if each one does his or her part.

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Reach Out - Part 1

UP. IN. OUT. These three words have been the focus of our sermon series called Reach.

We’ve discovered that in order to be healthy Christians we must concentrate in these three areas of our lives: Focusing on Jesus (Up), serving the church (In), and reaching out (Out).

In this message, we will begin a two week emphasis looking at the third area, reaching Out. We will consider a healthy approach in reaching out.

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Reach Out - Part 2

God doesn’t need you. Our God is all knowing and all powerful. He is self-sustaining in every way. He is not dependent on any human to accomplish anything. But although He doesn’t need us, He chooses to use us and what is more, He is counting on us to promote his Kingdom’s growth.

In this message, we are going to discuss two ways God is counting on Tab to build His Kingdom in Norfolk. Barbara King and Kurnia Foe will share about the ministries they lead and how we can join them in building the Kingdom right here in Norfolk.

Pastor Kenny

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7 Financial Laws

Money matters because you matter. God loves you and has given you the privilege of managing much of His creation, including money. And how we manage it matters.

This message is the first of a four week series entitled Money Matters and in Part I, we will discover several financial principles that God wants us to know so that we can manage His money well.

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The Law of Contentment

On every box of cigarettes there is a warning about the damage they can cause. Perhaps we should do the same thing with money. It might be a good idea if every dollar bill had the inscription, “It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to be always wanting something else” (Eccl 6:9).

Wanting more will eat you up but being content with what God has given you will bring peace and blessings. In this message we look at the damaging effects of financial discontentment and then discover how we can actually learn to be satisfied with what God gives us.

Pastor Kenny

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Take The Next Step

Honoring God with your finances really isn’t that hard. In His Word, God has clearly laid out the steps that he wants us to take in managing His resources the way He wants us to.

In this message, we will discuss eight practical steps for personal financial management. If you follow these steps, there is no doubt that you will succeed in financial management.

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Heavenly Dividends

Jesus gave us instructions to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven. In this message we will look at several ways we can do this. Come ready to learn how you can take what God has given you today and invest it so that you will received heavenly dividends tomorrow.

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How Do I Know God’s Will for My life?

As followers of Jesus, most of us would say we want to do what God wants.

The trouble comes in discovering what God actually wants us to do. What career should I pursue? What school should I attend? Should I marry him? Are we ready for children? What do I do now that I’m retired? When it comes to the biggest decisions in our lives, we’re often left without a clear answer from God.

But what if I told you God’s will is easy to know? What if God’s will for us isn’t as mysterious as we often make it out to be?

In this message we’ll explore ways to take some of the guesswork out of following God’s will.

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Jesus Is - Revealer

There are many reasons why we should love the Christmas season. But one reason every Christian should love this season is because Jesus is front and center in our culture.

The story of Jesus’ birth is sung in carols, displayed in nativity scenes, and told about in movies. Even the name Christmas carries his name. So in our culture, many know the story even though few really understand the real significance of it all.

I want to personally invite to you join us for this series as we reflect and rejoice in who Jesus Is.

Pastor Kenny

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Jesus Is - Ruler

In last week’s message we discussed Jesus’ role as redeemer. Luke 1:32-33 says that Jesus will “reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.” In this message we explore what it means for Jesus to be ruler.

We will also hear from Bobby and Jennifer Goodrich. rWe are asking that you prayerfully consider your part in this year’s Gift to Christ which is to financially support the Goodrich Family in getting them to La Paz, Mexico and Rancho El Camino to work with Pete & Emily Johnson in church planting and discipleship.

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Jesus Is - Redeemer

We often think of redeeming coupons or gift cards. In this message we conclude our “Jesus Is” series by exploring why Jesus Christ is considered our living redeemer.

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Are you ready? Jesus Is!

Many of us enjoy the lull following Christmas… before 2015 arrives and life snaps back to its regular routine.

For some of us, 2015 stirs up within us anxiety or even fear of the future ahead. For others of us, we feel a sense of relief that 2014 is finally over and we can enjoy a fresh start with the arrival of 2015. For others still, we look ahead with anticipation to some exciting new chapter or event in our lives. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we need to know that Jesus is ready.

If you are able, spend some time reading over Ephesians 2:1-10 before listening to this message. Look forward to being reminded of the good things that God has in store for us as we wrap up 2014 and get ready to launch into 2015.

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There’s Nothing Like a Church

People make resolutions and so should churches. Any good church should resolve to be better in its future than it was in its past.

In this message, we’ll talk about Tab’s Resolutions for 2015.

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No Average Joe - Part 1

An absent mother, a passive father, and angry bothers are the makeup of the home in which Joseph was raised. Yet, in spite of all this dysfunction, God reached down and saved a boy from the pit, literally.

Today, many people have been raised in less than perfect homes. Joseph’s story brings hope because it reminds us that our past does not determine our future.

In preparation for this message, read Genesis 37. Remind yourself of all Joseph experienced as young lad. Don’t miss the introduction to this powerful series.

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Picking Wisely Under Pressure

As we saw last week, Joseph was rejected, abandoned, and imprisoned. Joseph arrives in Egypt and is working for a man named Potiphar, God gives us a peek at an extraordinary event in his life.

Joseph has to make a split-second decision, and the choice is not easy. Like most important choices, Joseph’s future is determined by the choice he makes.

Read Genesis 39 to learn more about this choice and how Joseph responded with integrity and to prepare for this message.

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Racial Reconciliation

In this message we are pleased to have as our guest speaker, the Rev. Ed Haywood, pastor of the Urban Community Church of Norfolk. His topic is “Racial Reconciliation.”

Ed and his wife Shirley have devoted their lives to this ministry and have been very influential in Hampton Roads. You won’t want to miss this!

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From Dreamer to Dream Interpreter

It is interesting that as the story of Joseph progresses, he moves from being a person who has dreams to one who is empowered to interpret the dreams of others.

In this message from Genesis 40:1–40, we will see him interpret the dream of a baker, a cup bearer, and a king. Joseph’s actions in his less than ideal circmstances provides powerful example for us when we find ourselves dealing with the painful issues in our lives.

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While We Wait, God Works

Ever feel abandoned? Sidelined? Neglected? Forgotten?

Many of us have experienced such times. Perhaps you are experiencing it today. Joseph’s story, in Genesis, chapter 41, reminds us that despite our feelings or experiences God is always at work.

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Learning Contentment

Through all the “ups and downs” he experienced, Joseph didn’t lose faith. Rather, he learned to trust God, and to be content in the midst of his circumstances.

Although we might not understand why certain things happen, God has the ultimate plan for our lives. This week we’ll discuss how we can learn to be content in the midst of our circumstances.

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Creating Churches That Look Like The Church Jesus Had In Mind

Jesus said, “I will build my church and even Hell itself can’t stop it.

Ten years ago Tab sent Shannon and me to Brussels, Belgium to plant a church that would be a planting church in the capital of Europe. Now it’s healthy and growing…but not nearly as fast as Islam.

When we moved to Brussels, the population was 15% Muslim; now it’s 25%. Brussels is expected to be the first majority Muslim capital city in Europe by 2030.

What’s the future of faith in Europe? Is it time to throw in the towel?

Listen to this message as we discuss how to fan into flame a grassroots movement of churches that look like the church Jesus had in mind.


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No Average Joe - Act 2

Join us for another eye opening look into this No Average Joe.

His life has been full of ups and downs and has taken some turns that no one would have expected. Together, we’ve discovered that God used these times as a season of refinement, preparing him for his greatest work of all.

Be amazed at the way Joseph measures up to the task God gives him.

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No Average Joe - Guilt and Grace

Guilt can be a powerful motivator to make positive change. Yet it sometimes used by spiritual leaders wishing to persuade others to act a certain way. The church should not be a place where people burdened with guilt, it needs to be a place where people are taught how to deal with there existing sense of guilt.

This week, as we look at the story of Joseph and his reunion with his brothers, we will see how guilt works and how we can be freed from it.

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No Average Joe - Attitude Adjustment Sunday

Do you need an attitude adjustment?

As we continue the sermon series No Average Joe, we will discover the means and benefits of a good attitude.

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No Average Joe - Joseph’s Closing Act

Tune in for the exciting conclusion of our No Average Joe series. Joseph’s life demonstrates that we can consistently magnify God - even in the most difficult of circumstances. Prepare to learn an important, practical, and insightful way to live life.

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

This Sunday, Crisis Pregnancy Center’s Director, Toby DeBause is our guest speaker. Toby is passionate about his cause and does a masterful job in articulating the need and motivating God’s people to action. You won’t want to miss this.

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Easter - There is no greater day

What happened on this day 2000 years ago changed everything. Pastor Kenny recounts the events of that day and the everlasting affect it can have on each one of us.

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You Asked for It

Pastor Kenny is joined by one our church elders, Mark Simon to answer questions submitted by the congregation, This week they tackle questions about baptism, prayer, alcohol, military action and more.

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You Asked For It - Part II

This week, Elder Jim Hunnewell joins Pastor Kenny Bryant as they tackle questions about life, death, heaven, hell and end times. You won’t want to miss this one.

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You Asked For It - Part III

This week, as we continue our series You Asked For It, Pastor Kenny is joined by Children’s and Women’s Ministry Pastor, Sue Hilton, and Student Pastor Jeff Jamba to answer questions submitted by the congregation.

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You Asked For It - Part IV

Pastor Kenny wraps-up our Q&A series entitled, “You Asked For It.” This week he tackles questions ranging from “Are tattoos ok?” to “Can we lose our salvation?”.

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Modern Family - Real Motherhood is Really Messy

Mother’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of moms everywhere, but it can also be a day of heartache for many. Our dreams for our children can often go unfilled or even be derailed completely. Even in the best of situations, motherhood is a monumental calling. This Sunday Youth Pastor, Jeff Jamba, will look at a mom from Scripture who faces pain and loss intimately, yet she is somehow able to hold on to hope, and experience unexpected blessings in her life.

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Modern Family - This One Thing

Being a parent is a joy but the act of parenting is tiring. Being the homework enforcer, managing chores, shuffling children to events, making discipline decisions, etc., are all very demanding. The modern family is busier than ever and being busy can not only wear you out but it can often lead to a loss of focus.

Of all the things a parent is to do, there is one thing above all others that must remain a priority and if parents fail in keeping this one thing their priority, then nothing else really matters.

Listen, as Pastor Kenny Bryant tells us about this one thing.

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Family Matters - A Parent’s Mission

Every great business has a strong mission statement to keep everyone focused on what is important. This week Pastor Kenny shares what the scriptures reveal about God’s mission for parents.

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Modern Family - Marriage

Join us as Pastor Kenny shares the eternal truths to make a modern marriage successful.

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Modern Family - Adult Children and Aging Parents

Carlton Deal, TAB missionary to Brussels, Belgium, will continue our sermon series on “Modern Family.” He will address the complex issue of how adult children should relate to their aging parents.

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Modern Family - Non-traditional Families

Families often consist of several fathers; several mothers; and full, half, and step siblings. The dynamics in these homes are complex to say the least and many of them struggle to find their identity as a family unit. Many never get past the damage and scars that are inflicted when families split and also are inflicted when they merge. Single parent families, another “non-traditional family model,” are at the highest rate ever.

How do we make such families work? What does God have to say? This Sunday, we will look at God’s Word for some desperately needed direction.

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Modern Family - Fatherhood

This Sunday, on Father’s Day, we will look at why men are so frustrated when it comes to fatherhood and how fathers can be both impactful and successful by following a few simple, God-given steps.

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Responsible Fellowship

Tab Elder, Mark Simon, shares about the Christian’s responsible fellowship to serve those in need. To that end Operation Blessing will be the vehicle Tab uses to serve in time of catastrophe.

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Celebrate Citizenship

Join us as we honor our great country and more so the awesome God who blessed it.

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God’s Response to Job’s Dilemma

Guest speaker Hap Strutters shares lessons from God’s response to Job.

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Be Ruined

Guest speaker, John Close, teaches us how the Christian should respond when God’s asks, “Who will go?”

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Who do you believe Jesus to be? Is he God, man or something else completely? Pastor Kenny explores the response given by the disciples when Jesus asked them directly.

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Why Do You Call Me Lord?

Actions speak louder than words. Does simply calling Jesus your Lord make him so? Pastor Kenny explores the ramifications of calling Jesus your Lord.

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Selective Vision?

We Christians tend to have selective vision. We clearly see the faults of others while reluctant to see our own. Join us as Pastor Kenny reveals God’s methods to better judge oneself.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  This is not only a pretty good ditty but it’s a great slogan to live by.  And what’s more is that this slogan was, and is, preached by Jesus.   But living this way is easier said than done.

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Why La Paz?

Join Pastor Kenny and Pastor Jeff as they talk about the need, response, and vision for ministry in La Paz, Mexico. They will be joined by the Goodriches, Tab’s newest missionaries to La Paz.

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Why Do I Love Tab Church?

Pastor Jeff speaks passionately about our great family, the local church.

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20/20 Vision

Without proper vision, we will not be able to see our goals clearly, we will not see the obstacles that are in our way, and we will not be able to see the correct roads to take. Pastor Kenny talks about Tab’s vision for the future.

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Will You Worship Me?

Grant Norsworthy, a musician and minister, speaks in our morning services about true worship.

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How Can the Impossible Become Possible?

From a human standpoint, followers of Christ are called to do the impossible. Join us each week as we discover the possibilities of the impossible.

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The Craziness of God

This Sunday’s sermon will address the issue of being misunderstood. We’ll discuss the reasons why this is so often the case and how we should be prepared to respond to those who are so dazed and confused by our testimonies.

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What Encouragement Can Do

Pastor Kenny shares the amazing affects of encouragement.

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Kingdom Treasure

Pastor Kenny shares with us that God built and empowered us to have an effective and lasting impact on our world. We can be a world changers. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s a reality.

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A Time To Speak

Telling someone they are wrong can result in being misread as being afraid of them or of hating them. So, in our desire to be peaceful people, and not be mischaracterized, we often just keep our mouths closed when we should be speaking loudly on matters of truth and justice.

On the other hand, we all know folks who open their mouths way too much. We don’t want to err on that side either.

So where is the balance?

In this message, we will look at God’s word and discover when it is appropriate to speak up and when it is appropriate to mind our own business.

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What is the Story we are Telling?

We are captivated by stories. The deeper the storylines and the richer the words are, the more they draw us in.

What about the story that God as Author and Creator is trying to tell us? This Sunday, we’ll examine Acts 13:13-52 as we seek to better understand that God is telling a story throughout human history. We have a part to play both individually as well as a church family in this story.

Some of us are living out story lines that are leaving us dissatisfied. What if God is revealing to us a new script, a new story line that brings us more life, purpose and meaning?

Enjoy this message as we explore this idea together!

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Keeping Our Focus

There are few things that excite me more than when someone responds positively to the good news found in Jesus. I’m frustrated when this is not the case.

We tell others about the hope we have found in him and they often respond by staring back at us with blank looks, redirecting the conversation, or replying “good for you.” In other words, they aren’t interested in what you are sharing.

Over time, these kinds of responses can lessen our desire to share Jesus with others. We figure that they probably aren’t interested anyway.

In this message, I’d like to discuss a strategy with you that I believe will keep you focused on sharing the gospel and keep you from wanting to give up. Please read Acts 14:1-7 to get ready.

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Anatomy of a Miracle

We’ve all seen the claims. We’ve all heard the stories. Another religious leader telling us how God used them to perform a miracle. Are these guys for real? What are we to make of them?

Since childhood we have learned about the waters that were parted, a man being swallowed by fish, dead people being raised to life, and the blind being made to see. That might make for good Bible stories but what about life today? Are miracles part of our current experience? Should they be? It seems like we all ask for them. But is it right to expect them?

In this message, we will look at Paul and Barnabas’ miracle experience at Lystra and we will use this narrative to help us understand miracles a bit better which in return, will help us know their place in our lives.

Why not read Acts 14:8-20 in preparation for listening?

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Your Mission… Should You Choose to Accept It

In this message Ed Haywood, pastor of the Urban Community Church of Norfolk, joins us as we finish up our current series, Mission imPOSSIBLE. This mission began with the apostles and continues as your mission… should you choose to accept it.

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This Sunday, I refuse to preach…

This Sunday, I refuse to preach.

I’ll be in the pulpit and I’ll be directing our reflection on God’s Word, but I’ll also be hosting a time of praise and thanksgiving where you will be given an opportunity to come up and thank God for his blessings.

There’s nothing like bragging on our Lord. And although there will be no pressure to share, you will be given the opportunity. So be thinking about how you can honor your God by testifying to his greatness.

Pastor Kenny

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Jesus the Refugee

There are plenty of refugee stories in Scripture. The first refugees mentioned are Adam and Eve as they are forced from the Garden. Then, there are the ones God sends out from the tower of Babel. And then there is the nation of Israel fleeing from Egypt. The story of Ruth is a refugee story.

Yes, there are plenty of refugee stories in Scripture. But the biggest and grandest story is that of our Lord, who not only had to flee Bethlehem, but who exchanged heaven for earth. This refugee story changed all of humanity and creation forever.

In this message we’re reminded of what Jesus the refugee suffered, endured, and accomplished as heaven’s refugee.

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Jesus the Refugee - Part 2

Last Sunday, we discussed that Jesus himself was a refugee. In this message, we’ll discover that his followers are too. Knowing that we are refugees will influence our attitude and actions.

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