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Moses is the most commanding presence in the Old Testament. A man of faith, he liberates the Jews from bondage in Egypt, delivers God's law to the people, and God's people on an incredible journey. Like all of us, Moses is on a journey as well. Join us as we look at the life of Moses in our new series, Moses, Finding God in the Journey.

Learning to Trust the Process

When a team has a lackluster season, fans can become discouraged. Often coaches encourage the fans to “trust the process.” When the team turns defeat into success fans are elated, and even more so as a result of going through a rough patch.

God’s people can get discouraged as well. We can become disillusioned when it seems like God isn’t at work in our lives. In our discouragement, we may be tempted to give up on the promises God makes to us in His Word.

As we examine the opening scenes of the book of Exodus this week, we see God’s people are waiting and suffering, enslaved in Egypt. As we see God leading them to what He had promised long ago, we will learn that this is a story for all of us today.

In this message, we learn to “trust the process” that God is leading each of us through. Though we may not always be able to sense it, God is at work in our lives and our church family, giving us a vision of our future to pursue together.

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The Most Amazing Event in History

Moses was an amazing man who experienced some unusual events. Probably the most amazing event he experienced was when he met God face to face on Mt. Sinai.

In this message, we will survey the first six chapters of Exodus and review Moses’ amazing encounter and explore what we can learn about God from Moses’ experience.

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Saying No to God

Why would anyone say no to God? God invites Moses to be one of the greatest leaders of all time, and Moses declines the invitation. He says no to God, not once, not twice, but on several occasions. “No God, Please use someone else” are Moses’ words. What was this guy thinking?

Living in the desert couldn’t have been all that much fun. Even if you love sheep, after 40 years of raising them it has got to get old. Why would Moses he choose to live his puny little life in nowhere land instead of answering the call to deliver his people and living out the purpose God to which God had called him?

How often does God call us to his work and we decline? Maybe we are saying no, and we don’t even realize it. We may not verbalize it with our lips, but we say no with our lack of action.

In this message, we will consider the great blessing of accepting God’s call to change our community and identify those things that are keeping us from accepting the call.

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What Does It Mean to Take Up God’s Vision

This week, I heard a pastor challenge his people to follow their dreams. It was a stirring sermon, well articulated, and motivational. The points were clear, and the supporting stories he used to illustrate his points were inspiring. The only problem with the pastor’s challenge was it was all about following our dreams and not God’s dreams. It was all about doing what you want to do and not necessarily what God wants you to do.

To be honest, I believe that when you decide to follow Jesus, often you will have to learn how to lay your vision down and pick God’s up. So what does that look like?

In this message, we’ll consider what it means to take up God’s vision for your life. Doing so has its challenges; however, the outcome is packed with purpose and power.

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Your Arm is Too Short to Box with God

Your arm is too short to box with God. When a boxer’s stats are listed, one of the most important stats is his reach. The longer his reach, the better. The shorter his reach, the harder it will be for the boxer to land a blow.

In this message, we will look at the account of the ten plagues described in Exodus. In the original language of the Bible, the word plague means punch, blow, or strike. In this passage, God is punching, and a king is trying to punch back. But his arm is way too short.

What is God trying to teach us about himself in this boxing match? Come find out as we continue our series, Moses, Finding God in the Journey.

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Why Signs are Important

I just got out of a meeting, and we were discussing church signage. Signs in a building are vital, especially to those who are relatively new. Not only do signs provide necessary information, the help people know the way to go.

Did you know that God called the plagues on Egypt signs? He not only wants us to be informed, but he is pointing the way.

In this message we discuss the last plague and what it points to.

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Going God’s Way

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get traction moving toward your intended goal? Perhaps the Israelites felt that way when God took them on a circuitous route to the promised land.

A journey that could have taken weeks ended up taking 40 years. Why didn’t God route the Israelites on the shortest path? Simple, God knew what they did not. And what appears to be a foolish idea to the Israelites, turns out for their best.

Join us as we discuss the importance of trusting the one who sees the end journey from the beginning.

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