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Nehemiah - Truths for Building Our Lives and Our Church

More than 2500 years ago Nehemiah, a civil servant, was so heartbroken by the state of the people of God and the city of Jerusalem, that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to begin a rebuilding program. Though at times significantly challenged by the task before him, by depending on God Nehemiah completes the physical reconstruction of the city and the spiritual rebuilding of God's people. Join us as we learn to apply the principles found in Nehemiah's story in building our lives and our church.

Repentance: The Foundation for Restoration and Renewal

Our first study in Nehemiah centers around the principle of repentance as a foundation for restoration and renewal. Nehemiah saw right away that the process of rebuilding needed to begin with his personal repentance as well as the corporate repentance of the nation.

While repentance is a serious topic to study, I think there are practical life principles that will benefit us as we apply them in our lives.

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The Battle for Building, Believing, and Enduring

Nehemiah set out to build the wall, and he calculated the cost. But I don’t think Nehemiah realized that he was going to run into opposition, and, he ran into quite a bit of resistance.

Nehemiah had opposition from within and opposition from without. He had to battle the entire time he worked on building the wall. The miracle of the building of the wall of Jerusalem was not that Nehemiah completed the task in less than three months. The miracle was that he did it in the face of tremendous opposition, such opposition that the men had to lay bricks with one hand while they held their sword in the other.

Join us as we talk about what it means to build in the face of resistance.

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God’s Response to Injustice? Stop Everything

We left off with Nehemiah working on the wall. He’s convinced the people that this is the will of God, and the people have brought their attention and focus on building this wall.

Suddenly, the work comes to a standstill. Nehemiah stops all work on the wall. The question is why?

Let’s talk about what could be so important that it would cause Nehemiah to call all work to a halt.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Formidable Foes

Studying the word of God is fascinating. Looking at Nehemiah 6 it is a blessing and instructive to see how Nehemiah handled the difficult situation before him. The conventional wisdom is that Nehemiah was a great administrator, and so we tend to focus on those aspects of his work. But I believe that the most important principles that we can get from Nehemiah have to do how Nehemiah was able to handle the intense intimidation put forth by those who opposed his work. Nehemiah was not afraid, even though he had every reason to be frightened. Join us for this message as we focus in on how to overcome the fear of formidable foes.

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Open the Book

We’re going to conclude our study of Nehemiah this week by taking a look at chapter 8. In a dramatic scene, Ezra stands on a platform before the people and opens the Book of the Law. The people stand up to show great reverence for the Word of God.

Not only do we see great respect for the Word of God, we see that there was also an explanation of the meaning of what was being read, helping the people to understand each passage.

I believe that it’s crucial for us to realize that God has given us gifted teachers to help us understand God’s Word and equip us for every good work.

In this message we’re going to talk about the importance of God’s Word, why we must reverence it, and why we must sit at the feet of gifted teachers to be equipped to do the ministry to which God has called us.

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