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40 Days of Prayer

In this series, we'll learn how to cultivate a powerful prayer life together. We all want to get better at prayer, so some of the topics we'll explore are The purpose of prayer, How to pray with confidence, How to pray for a breakthrough, and How to pray in a crisis, We'll even talk about why God doesn't always answer the first time we pray. So join us for as we begin our series, "40 Days of Prayer.

Steps Toward a Closer Walk with God

God wants to talk with you. He is never too busy, and your concerns are never too small.

God desires to speak with us because he desires a relationship with us. He wants to be close to you, to hear your concerns and the desires of your heart.

Join us for this message as we begin our series, “40 Days of Prayer.”

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Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

You know that when we talk with someone, we need to know a little bit about that person to know how to speak to them. We need to know what they’re about and what they’re thinking to have a good conversation.

This is true of God, as well. We have to understand who God is if we’re going to have a conversation with Him if we are going to pray effectively. The more we know about who our heavenly father is, the better we can understand how we should pray.

In this message, we’ll explore who God is and how that relates to prayer.

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The Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life

Some people pray, and they shake the world with their prayers. They change things with their prayers. How is that some people pray in a way that makes such a difference?

I believe that there are keys to powerful prayer. So, in this message, I want to explore what it means to have a powerful prayer life and how you can have a powerful prayer life.

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How Can We Trust God in Prayer?

When I became a Christian in high school, Chris, my youth pastor was the first guy to pour his life into mine and disciple me. We went through a lot of things together. Through dealing with uncomfortable breakups with girls and a lot of school issues, I learned that I could trust Chris.

Even when he said things that seemed hurtful, I could trust him because I knew that he cared for me and he wanted the best for me.

In this week’s message, we’re going to explore the question, “How can we trust God when we pray?”

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How To Pray Throughout Your Day

In the busyness of life, it is often challenging even to find time to pray. It’s easy to come to the end of the day and realize that we haven’t taken a moment to talk with our heavenly father.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to talk with him. And in this week’s message, we’re going to discuss ways to make prayer more than a task that we try to work into our day. We are going to learn some practical strategies to transform the moments of our day into moments with God.

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When God Says No!

What do you do when the answer to your prayer isn’t the answer you are looking for; when God’s response to your request is “no?”

Such a response can be hard to receive, and sometimes it can be heartbreaking. We remember all that the Bible says about God hearing our prayers, and ask, “Why is God saying no to me?”

In this week’s message, we’ll learn some of the reasons God says, “No” to our requests. Moreover, we’ll learn how we can trust everything God does, even when what he does is to tell us “No.”

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