Building and Grounds

Service Opportunities - Building and Grounds

Help keep our building and grounds looking great!

This team cares for all of Tab's building and grounds. If you love working (or playing) in the garden, doing outside projects, or working with your hands check out serving opportunities available to volunteers.

Ministry Opportunities

Members of this team dust, clean, remove trash, and straighten-up public areas of the church including the worship center and atrium.

Members of this team provide building security by walking around and keeping watch - especially in our children areas.

Members of this team provide light maintenance on church vehicles (ie. oil changes, filer changes, break jobs, etc). Members of this team normally volunteer 1 hour per month.

Members of this team volunteer for light construction and repair projects around the church facility. Members of this team normally volunteer two hours per month

Members of this team help keep our facility looking sharp by painting wall, doors, and trimwork throughout the facility. Members normally volunteer one hour per month.

Members of this team trim our facility hedges as needed. Normally about one hour per month is needed.

Members of this team regularly plant, thin, fertilize, weed and mulch our flower beds. Members normally give about 1 hour per month of volunteer service but a bit more in spring.

Members of our Lawn Mowing Team help make our lawn God honoring. Normally, members give one to two hours on a Saturday morning once a month.

How to Get Started

Click on each volunteer opportunity to find one that matches fits your personality and interests. Next, fill out the form below and the ministry leader will contact you within a couple of days.

 Housekeeping / Janitorial Team 
 Security Team 
 Facility Team - Auto Maintenance Team 
 Facility Team - Light Maintenance Team 
 Facility Team - Painting Team 
 Lawn Care Team - Hedge Trimming Team 
 Lawn Care Team - Flower Bed Team 
 Lawn Care Team - Lawn Mowing Team