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Students - This is a short description helping motivate people to understand the importance of the ministry.

Ministry Opportunities

For our main student ministry program on Sunday evenings, we need an individual who can coordinate the donation of food and drinks, work with students to set out food and drinks each week, and work with students on clean up and putting items away.

Looking for individuals who can help keep the student building organized. Includes restock and reshelving food and paper products in kitchen, updating the physical items in room such as wall pictures, and helping plan and carry out season and special event decorations.

Looking for someone who feel comfortable using curriculum or on their own developing a lesson to teach our middle school students about once a month in our large group teaching time on Sunday mornings at 10:45. Someone who is willing to use creativity and personal warmth to teach students from the Bible. Will be coached by pastor Jeff in crafting a lesson and how to communicate to teens.

This opportunity requires individuals who desire to pass along faith to the next generation. You need to be willing to be flexible and be able to communicate care to students. Must review small group discussion materials before the meeting time, and be prepared to lead students in discussion and activity, helping them connect the Bible to their lives.

This opportunity involves leading high school students in discussion and helping students apply biblical truth to everyday life. This individual needs to be relational, willing to engage students, review materials ahead of time to be prepared to lead, and follow up with students personally to see how they are growing spiritually. High school small groups meet Wednesday nights at 7:00 currently.

How to Get Started

Click on each volunteer opportunity to find one that matches fits your personality and interests. Next, fill out the form below and the ministry leader will contact you within a couple of days.

 Food and beverage coordinator 
 Student building: organizing and updating the room 
 Middle school large group teacher/leader 
 Middle school small group leader 
 High School Small Group Leader