Student Ministry

Sunday Morning: Middle School Large Group

Sunday mornings at Tab for Students

What do we have for middle school and high school students on Sunday mornings at Tab?

Middle School - 10:00 a.m.

For middle school students, they can meet directly at our student building at 10:00 for our middle school mornings program. This features a time of fun activity and a large group learning time. The whole morning is oriented around exploring God’s Word in a way that makes sense for a middle schooler, and helping them understanding how to not only learn it but live it out in their lives.

Students will walk back over from the student center to the church Atrium by noon.

High school - serving and worship services

For high school students, we want them to learn to belong to the larger church family. Central to that is worshiping and learning in the main church service, along with finding a spot to serve the church family each week. We have several areas for our high school students to serve: in our children’s ministry program, helping with ushering and welcoming guests, and more. Again, our goal is to help students integrate more and more fully into the full life of the church. The differences in programming for middle school and high school students help us create identifiable steps to helping this transition happen step by step as students mature over time. The goal is not to create a separate church experience for students, but to have a plan to help them join in appropriately to the life of the church. Questions? Email pastor Jeff at